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Sean Peyton (Steve Lund), the only son of William Peyton (Michael Kopsa), CEO of Peyton Enterprises, has been running away from his responsibilities at the family company. Allison Johnson (Siobhan Williams), working on a food truck – C’est Si Bon – during the day, and attending law classes at night, is determined to save Fountain Green Park from Peyton Enterprises’ latest development plan. While she is displaying fliers on cars at the country club with her protesting cohorts Beth (Allie Bertram), Caden (Adam DiMarco), and Pascal (Ben Sullivan), Mr. Peyton gives Sean an ultimatum: He has one week to find a job, or work for the company, and if he refuses, he will be cut off from the family money. As Allison and her friends run from the valets, she meets Sean, mistakenly believing him to be a valet as well, and he aides in her escape. After hearing her distaste for the Peyton family, he decides to get to know her, while keeping his identity a secret, introducing himself as Sean Pine. Allison shows Sean a plaque in the middle of the park dedicated to the commissioning of it. He learns his grandfather, William Peyton Sr., was one of the benefactors of the park. Meanwhile, Beth likes both Pascal and Caden, so she decides to go on a date with both men. Although it seems she has more in common with Pascal then with Caden, she learns Pascal never got any signatures on the petition to save Fountain Green Park, so she dumps him. Meanwhile Caden manages to get 700 signatures just in time for the Town Council Meeting. Afterwards, Caden kisses Beth and asks her to be his girlfriend, which she agrees to.Sean is hired to work as the head chef of C’est Si Bon by Antonia (Karen Holness), Allison’s boss and owner of the food truck, so he won’t be forced to work for his father. He keeps his best friend Jared (Jamie Callica) informed on his developing romance with Allison, and plans to tell her he’s actually a Peyton, but can never find the right time. At the same time that Sean takes Candice (Elise Gotien) to lunch to discuss the prospect of using her land for the company’s needs, Beth informs Allison that William Peyton had the petition to save the park pulled from the Town Councils’ agenda. At the country club, Allison finds Sean with Candice and finally learns the truth about him, only to storm off angry, believing he used her. Sean requests his father go with him to the park, agreeing to come to work for him if he does, and shows him the plaque, proving that the family’s legacy is in the park. Jared goes to Allison to plead Sean’s case, convincing her Sean was sincere with his feelings for her, and tells her about Sean’s deal with his father. She runs to the park to stop him, only to discover he was able to convince William to partner with Candice, and leave the park the way it is. After William and Candice walk away to hash out the deal with their lawyers, Sean and Allison share their first kiss. The first of many to come.Sherri Fisher

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Secret Millionaire Movie Reviews

A Park, a Food Truck, and a Secret Identity

As usual with non-Hallmark TV romances this one strays from the formula just a bit. First of all we have a lack of a festival or small town/big city conflict. This one is the “save the park or whatever” plot. Hey, I didn’t say it was a complete departure! It’s a formula, just not the usual Hallmark formula.

An indulged son of a real estate mogul has been drifting from one thing to another, while his father wants him to settle down and work with him at his company. He gives him an ultimatum that he has to find a job within a week or he will be cut off from his financial support. Leaving the building he runs into some protesters who are trying to rescue their beloved park from his fathers evil development plans. He conceals his identity and gets a job as a chef in the cute one’s food truck.

Of course, it is only a matter of time before it will be discovered that he is none other than the son of the person who is trying to take the park away. Thus the suspense and tension. The predictable story is enlivened by the cast. Siobhan Williams is a fresh face and is a perfect spunky girl next door type. Steve Lund, a Hallmark regular is as attractive and reliable as usual. The Secondary couple have a sweet courtship, complicated by a rival love interest. Both of the guys are appealing until one of them turns out to be a big phony.

There is corporate-type other woman for our hero, and the Dad learns something about his own grandfather that leads to a happy ending for all. Of course.

Very watchable and pleasant way to spend an evening

Steve Lund is good as Sean Payton, the son of a millionaire businessman trying for the last 10 years to avoid working for his forceful businessman father. Michael Kopsa is excellent in this role and when people call him Mr Payton, it is as if they wouldn’t dare to call him William to his face.

Siobhan Williams plays protestor Alisson Johnson, who is active against the Paytons’ scheme to level a park. Yes, she comes over well as being bruised and vulnerable, but I really struggled to find any chemistry between her and Sean. Perhaps it is because he is much taller than her, making interactions difficult?

On the other hand, Elise Gatien is convincing as the predatory female Candice, with matching body language showing she finds Sean attractive. There is a nice little twist near the end when we find out what her true motives are.

A distraction to the main flow of the plot is Alisson’s housemate Beth (played by Allie Bertram) trying to make her mind up between the reliable Caden (played by Adam DiMarco) and the charming Pascal (played by Ben Sullivan).

I found Jaime Callica as Sean’s best friend Jared to come over as not being serious enough for someone like Sean. Did like the scene where Alisson’s boss Antonia (played by Karen Holness) lays into Sean. Yes, bosses do that.

However, for me, the best part of the film is the last 10 minutes where the father-son relationship and their motivations are explored, which brings the various strands of the film neatly together.

Overall, a very watchable and pleasant Hallmark film.

Well it had promise…

First, I hate when Hallmark attempts to develop other relationship couples along side the main one. There’s not time to establish chemistry in the first one, much less three. I actually love the plot considering I’m a well educated tree hugger, but it seemed forced. I like both actors, but there was zero chemistry. A hard pass!