The Wedding March (2016)


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Long divorced workaholic Olivia Pershing née Phillips, a Long Island stager, is getting remarried, to her pseudo business partner, equally workaholic Josh Johnson, a high end real estate agent. If they had their way, they would get married in a simple civil ceremony, however they are letting Olivia’s daughter, Grace Pershing, arrange a small weekend getaway wedding for them, no major questions asked on their end. Grace believes they are unromantic, epitomized by the fact that her mother desentimentalizes spaces for a living, hence the reason why Grace wants to arrange something special for them. Grace chooses to hold the festivities at the Willow Lake Inn, a lakefront Vermont country property, Julie Turner, on behalf of the Inn, making most of the arrangements locally. When the band that Grace chooses to perform at the ceremony cancels at the last minute, Julie even arranges for an alternate, namely her father, the Inn owner who has always had music in some form in his life, it which he does solely for his own pleasure now. The weekend starts off with a bang when Olivia arrives at the Inn to discover the owner is former pop star Mick Turner, her college sweetheart, they who were each other’s first love. Olivia performed in and wrote songs for his band at the time. Without Olivia, Mick and the band left when they got their first tour and a record deal, Mick and Olivia never having reconnected after that based solely on the circumstances of the time leading to a misunderstanding of the situation on both their parts, all this happening thirty years ago. Based on the way their relationship ended, their reunion is an uncomfortable one. One other person who will not be happy to see Mick is Olivia’s judgmental oft-married but currently single mother Nora Winters, who never thought Mick was devoted enough to Olivia, he focused too much on the music. Grace knew nothing of this past life of her mother’s, while Julie knew only of a woman her father dated in college. Recently widowed Mick, largely seen as the catch of the area of the middle aged set, has only recently felt ready to reenter the dating pool. Soon to be an empty nester and alone with only the memories, Mick is thinking about selling the Inn, which he has troubles telling Julie as it’s the only home she’s ever known. Grace, Julie and Duke, the Inn’s chef who was the band’s drummer, see a spark between Mick and Olivia, Duke who knew them as a couple. Although Grace likes Josh, she sees him more as a business partner than a husband for her mother. As such, Grace, Julie and Duke hope that the course of true love happens for Olivia and Mick to have a happily ever after, even if it’s thirty years later than when it should have.—Huggo

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The Wedding March Movie Reviews

For whom the wedding bells toll

Part of me was not expecting all that much. Was not impressed at all with most of the 2016 June Weddings films, with the only previous above average one being ‘Wedding Bells’ (though ‘Stop the Wedding’ had its moments). ‘Ms Matched’ was especially bad and one of the worst 2016 Hallmark films. Still saw it anyway for Hallmark completest sake and also for the ever watchable Jack Wagner. It also sounded quite charming, the only premise of the June Weddings films that year that sounded appealing.

‘The Wedding March’ left me rather mixed. There are definitely good things, quite a lot of them actually with a couple of them being done better done than most Hallmark films, and it is above watchable. Of the 2016 June Weddings films, it is the second best by quite some way and the only other 2016 June Weddings film to be above average. Having said that, ‘The Wedding March’ also could have been quite a lot better though its flaws have been worse in other films of theirs.

Am going to start with the good things. Josie Bissett and Wagner are very charming leads and always engage, Wagner is especially good and loved how the film played to his strengths and got him to do what he is better known for. Emily Tennant brings a lot of heart to the film and the sister relationship is absolutely beautifully done, so sincere and relatable. The family relationships in general are very honestly and plausibly done and don’t feel forced or schmaltzy. There is some spark between Bissett and Wagner.

Did like the production values too, with the scenery being particularly eye catching. The music is very pleasant on the ears and fits within the film. The script flows well and doesn’t come over as cheesy or over-sentimental. The story is light hearted and heartfelt enough and the characters on the whole were ones connecting with.

It is though very formulaic and doesn’t do anything new really with very familiar territory, or at least on the romance angle. While there is chemistry there between Bissett and Wagner it could have been stronger and also more prominent within the plot rather than playing too much second fiddle to the family relationships. It is also slightly improbable with the age difference.

Furthermore, this reviewer absolutely agrees with everybody in regard to Bissett’s truly atrocious and blatantly obviously unreal wig, it seemed like an attempt to make her younger but actually aged her and made her look like too much of a china doll. Some of the dialogue is on the corny side and the ending is too neat and can be seen from some way off. While liking the characters on the whole, the ex boyfriend is annoying, uninteresting and adds nothing to the plot other than being a seemingly obligatory Hallmark plot device.

Overall, worth seeing and one of only two 2016 June Weddings film to be above average, though not a must. 6/10.

Happy story – terrible wig!

I liked the young women, liked the setting and the actors but that horrible wig distracted me in every scene. I kept expecting someone to rip it off so we could see real hair. It was the worst wig I’ve ever seen anywhere. What were you thinking, Hallmark, to do this to a very competent actor.

A real plus was the relationship of the two daughters; it made sense, they were charming and there was no fake getting upset with each other and having to resolve all that drama.

The sidekick chef was an added bonus as well; he was believable and his creations made me hungry.

Just couldn’t get over the wig – it spoiled a decent movie for me.


I am here in 2021 watching the movie right now and I had to check online to see if anyone else noticed how BAD the wig on Josie’s head is. Sure enough… EVERYONE seems to have noticed it. I thought maybe she was sick and needed a wig for some reason. Not sure what that’s all about, but apart from that. It is the predictable feel good Hallmark movie. It all ends up great in the end. We need these movies once in a while. Especially when the worlds is not the safest place in these times.

Thank you Hallmark. 🙂