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Aliens have invaded and overtaken the Earth. Trying to escape defeat, a Chinese General (Tiger Chen) is accidentally sent back in time while trying to devise a way to defeat the alien invaders. Stars Tiger Chen of “Man of Taichi” and “The Matrix”

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Kung Fu Traveler Movie Reviews

What did I just watch?… Robots. Aliens. Time traveling. Kung Fu…

Sure, “Kung Fu Traveler” was a cheesy movie. No doubt about it. I mean, with a storyline about mankind being almost eradicated by alien invaders, and the Chinese armed forces sending a robot and a woman soldier 200 years back in time in order for the robot to learn Southern Kung Fu to bring back to the future, in order to fight the alien overlords and give mankind a fighting chance.

Yeah, it doesn’t get any more corny or campy that than.

But guess what? This actually worked, because the movie was cheesy enough to actually be enjoyable and entertaining. Yeah, it was one of those types of movies. Sure, the storyline was predictable and amazingly straight forward with zero surprises, but it was made watchable by the cheesy storyline.

Something that also worked for “Kung Fu Traveler” was the action and martial art scenes and sequences, because they were quite nicely choreographed and executed on the screen. And it was nice to watch the likes of Tiger Hu Chen fighting on the screen – despite him being a robot.

The CGI effects in the movie, for the robots and aliens were dubious at best. They moved in very stunted and awkward manners, which looked fake and looked like something from a 1990s computer game, truth be told.

While “Kung Fu Traveler” definitely was watchable, it wasn’t an outstanding movie. I am rating it a very mediocre five out of ten stars.

Chinese Schlock Perhaps, But It Works

I was not knowing what to expect really, but I took it out of the library randomly. It was better than I would have guessed.

Aliens have taken over most of Earth, including most of China. The Chinese military finds one of their own who knows the kung fu moves that have any chance of defeating the individual aliens, but the problem is that this art was mostly lost during the nineteenth century, when Europeans armies invaded China. A robot is sent back to that era, along with a human woman, to find the instructor of that form of kung fu. Of course, things are much more complicated than expected when they arrive.

Perhaps a ripoff of similar Western movies, but it still has drama and emotion as well as action, and it also suggests that modern China is more open about its distant past and culture than it used to be.

Trust the general IMDB rating, not the individual reviews.

This film has been given such a poor and unfair review that I feel compelled to bring some fairness to it. It is definitely not a 1/10. People who rated this 1/10 either did not pay attention to the story, understood the language or simply disliked the CGI so much to be able to provide an unbiased review.

The CGI isn’t top notch, but it’s not bad either. It’s about the level of a decent B+ listed movie. The story is what drives this movie. It’s about a robot learning how to be human, incorporating human emotions into kung fu and ultimately, the art of taking oneself out of the equation, all to save the human race and the ones he cared about.

The story could have had more depth, but the action packed scenes make it an overall solid 6/10 for me.

This movie is partially sci-fi with the majority of the movie being more of a martial arts/action film. It is also true that if you don’t speak mandarin, you will not get as much enjoyment out of the subtitles as a native speaker.

But in the end, it’s worth a watch, and in my case, a re-watch.