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One-off drama based on the critically acclaimed memoirs of British journalist Sathnam Sanghera. A touching, humorous and emotional rites-of-passage story.

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A jumbled story

This one off movie tried to hard to be many things but instead ended up as a slow moving jumble of events. Poor editing and a poor script did not help either. It could have been so much better if the flashback scenes were not so overdone. The script is too superficial to really tell the story here.

Moving Asian drama

Extremely well made production from the BBC about a young Indian man wrestling with his conscious. Deeply in love with a white English girl, yet unable to bring himself to tell his his family who want him to marry a nice Indian girl. As he tries to bring himself to tell his family this leads him on to a voyage of discovery about his family which he was previously unaware of. Beautifully written by Mick Ford and Sathnen Saghera and terrific performances throughout. Highly recommend 8/10

Growing up

The Boy with the Topknot is adapted from journalist Sathnam Sanghera’s memoirs. A Wolverhampton tale of a second generation immigrant who arrogantly thinks he has made his way in life and love on his own terms

Sathnam (Sacha Dhawan) is a Cambridge University graduate, a journalist and in love with a young white girl. She wants to him to tell about her to his parents. He is reluctant and ends up losing the girl and eventually his job.

Sathnam’s mother (Deepti Naval) wants him to marry a nice Punjabi girl. Sathnam never realised what exactly was wrong with his father (Anupam Kher) and why he did not work. His father developed schizophrenia. As he delves further into his family history he discovers that his mum had little choice as to who he married and that her husband had a mental illness which would sporadically result in violent outbursts.

Maybe because this drama is condensed into a 90 minute film it never really got underneath the surface. A drama of a journalist who never uncovered his family’s secrets. He could not even speak Punjabi. When he finally communicates in a heartfelt manner to his mum, it falls on deaf ears, she can never understand his desperate pleas.