Boy George and Culture Club: Karma to Calamity (2015)


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Culture Club record a new album, and tour the UK and US, as part of their 2014 reunion.

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BG is a narcissistic nightmare

How the hell do the other 3 members put up with him? What a horrible man he is.

Ruined by the big diva

In the early 1980s Culture Club were a big pop band and Boy George with his initially androgynous appearance which increasingly got more feminine created a worldwide stir. The band had several smash hits, Boy George even made an appearance in an episode of The A Team. However the band quickly hit the skids mainly because of George’s heroin addiction.

Over the years George has stayed in the limelight with a few solo hits, working as a club DJ and getting into trouble with the law. He regularly seems to have issues with drugs and even had a spell in prison.

This documentary sees Culture Club reunite for a new album and a world tour. The album is recorded in Spain and rather quickly. It is obvious Boy George is still a diva, the important one of the quartet. Mikey, Roy and Jon act as the lads but wary that George could fly off the handle at any moment. Despite his Buddhist chanting, his karma is not calm.

The documentary goes back and forth to their glory days of the 1980s . It also looks at the close relationship between Jon and George which was both creative and destructive. Jon seemed to had been uncomfortable with his sexuality.

During the recording of the album we see tensions between George and the others at various times especially at the photo shoot where George stroppily walks off upset at Jon’s messing about. I noticed that we never were given the reasons for the album being recorded so quickly although I assumed that the record label though the detente would not last long.

However an appearance on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing show was a catalyst. They sang Karma Chameleon (we hear George being upset that they could not sing one of their new songs. However the way it works is that the show’s producers would had booked the band some weeks ago and stipulated what song they would sing which the band would have had to agree to.) Come the night, it is clear George’s voice has gone. His singing is off key and the rest of the band seem to be going through the motions. (It highlights a lack of rehearsals and maybe more behind the scenes shenanigans between the members of the band.) However the documentary rather skirts around this.

Soon after we see the world tour is cancelled and tension between George’s new manager and the rest of the band. At one point Mikey, Roy and Jon refused to participate further with the documentary.

Oh well at least George’s new manager got him a season as a judge in the UK version of The Voice. Ironic as his voice seems to have scarpered. However George does come across in this documentary as a vicious old queen whether he meant to or not is another question all together.