Spinning Man (2018)

42% – Critics
37% – Audience

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The suave philosophy professor and loving family man, Evan Birch, is still trying to put the past behind him, and the hurtful experience that almost ruined his marriage several years earlier. However, the refined intellectual will find himself in a tight spot once again, when the popular high-school cheerleader, Joyce Bonner, goes missing, bringing the grizzled police detective, Malloy, literally on his doorstep. Little by little, minor slips of the tongue and strange inconsistencies in his statements will make Evan the prime suspect, putting to the test his already shaky alibi. But, is Evan really involved in the young girl’s disappearance?

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Spinning Man Movie Reviews

not all spun

Philosophy professor Evan Birch (Guy Pearce) is married to Ellen (Minnie Driver) with young children. He views truth as relative. His student Anna (Alexandra Shipp) insists on talking about last semester. When high school cheerleader Joyce Bonner (Odeya Rush) goes missing, police detective Malloy (Pierce Brosnan) investigates and questions Evan after evidence surfaces of a connection.

Evan is an annoying protagonist. He’s impossible to root for and early on, I decided not to root for him. He keeps talking to the police. He can’t help but look guilty all the time. There is a way to make the truth a better battleground. It needs some more twists and turns. At the end of the day, his personal demons are compelling enough and the reveals are interesting enough. There are possible dramatic avenues that are left untraveled. It seems like a project with depth but not all of it translated from the book onto the screen.

Oh, So Clever, And Oh, So Annoying

Guy Pearce is a professor of philosophy at a local college. He is married to Minnie Driver and has two young children. When a college student goes missing, the police investigation in the person of Pierce Brosnan focuses on Pearce, revealing old secrets to him and Miss Driver.

I found it annoying. Not only was there to Lifetime Channel lighting, but there was an enormous sense of coyness in the way the truth of what had happened is revealed: Pearce is questioned by Brosnan or Miss Driver or his lawyer, Clark Gregg; he offers a response of poor memory, and a Pontius-like query of what is truth, and eventually we get to see the actual events unfold in flashback. There’s no focus for viewpoint or sympathy, and I was left with a very clear feeling of being deliberately manipulated by a sophomore philosophy major who thought he was being oh, so clever.