The Dreamseller (2016)


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The main actor believes that true success is the attaining WHAT money can’t buy and encourages people to follow their dreams. He forms a huge following which becomes cult like following. Officials start feeling threatened and conspire to kill him.

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The Dreamseller Movie Reviews

Ignore the Negative Reviews

The messages in this film are even more relevant today than when the film was released. Consumerism and materialism are not important as we’ve been led to believe. The covid lockdowns and mandatory restrictions are opening people’s eyes to what is really important and this film illustrates it perfectly. The acting is excellent and César Troncosco, who plays Mellon, is SUPERB. Thank you for making this poignant movie.

Life changing movie

Everyone should watch this amazing movie, especially top corporate executives who have lost touch with their basic humanity which they have surrendered to delusion of money, and start treating their employees like people and not like disposable numbers. This movie will go over most people’s heads as we have grown up in a shallow material world which has warped our thoughts, but if you still have some connection to your true self, then this movie will bring it out in you. Great acting, great content, great, great writing and subject matter. This is the best movie I have seen in a long, long time. If your idea of a great movie involves tons of car chases then this movie isn’t for you.

A Special Film For All

Ignore the naysayers! Anti materialist heavenly film – we need more films like this in this heartless world of me me me money money money and all the artificial B/S of modern living.