Anything for Love (2016)

56% – Critics
56% – Audience

Anything for Love Storyline

Real estate mogul Kate has a stuffy proper boyfriend but no social life. Jack, a pediatric R.N., can’t compete with doctors in the dating scene. Kate’s assistant Debbie builds Kate an online dating profile, using her own name. Jack starts his own profile but his buddy changes his occupation to physician, not realizing that there is a genuine Dr. Jack Cooper. The couple is matched, and start getting to know each other…but just who is it they are getting to know?

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Anything for Love Movie Reviews


First of all, there are women who like the status of being married to a doctor. So the premise of the movie isn’t that far off-base. Second, there were good performances all around but especially by Paul Greene. He’s such a skilled actor, his performances look effortless. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s also gorgeous!

My one objection was at the end when Katherine got on PA system and gushed on (and on and on). In the real world she would’ve been frog-marched out of there. It would’ve been less “icky” if she had poured her heart out to Jack when they embraced. Just sayin’…

Paul Greene makes any movie watchable.

Let’s not get bogged down in the debate about the importance of nurses. We all know how vital they are. Paul Greene is the heart and soul of this movie. Erika Christensen is just there to add pretty. I wished that Ali Liebert had a bigger role. She is one spicy firecracker! And it’s always great to see Tom Butler, one of the stars of the classic Miracle in Manhattan.

Prejudice runs both ways

No matter who we are, we all experience prejudice. This movie covers issues I see a lot – sexism, agism, singleism, jobism, statusism and financialism. Yes not all those are proper words, but they should be because, as we see in the film, prejudice has a negative effect on all kinds of people. I really didn’t enjoy the start and nearly gave up, but it is necessary in order for the middle to be so warm and the ending to work.