Furlough (2018)

20% – Critics
33% – Audience

Furlough Storyline

When an inmate is granted one weekend out of prison to see her dying mother, a rookie correction officer struggles to keep her under control.

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Furlough Movie Reviews

Nice characters in an endearing female “buddy” story. Quirky funny supporting role by Whoopi Goldberg.

Generally an endearing picture about love between mothers and their daughters, set in a quirky, warmhearted story. Good acting performances. Not a terrific movie, but quite nice.

A funny female “buddy” movie about a female cop who has to escort a female convict to her dying mother. Things tend to go get out of control a bit along the way, resulting in some funny and some less funny situations.

Small (10 minutes) , yet funny supporting role by Whoopi Goldberg, who is playing the mom of the police officer. Whoopi keeps calling her daughter while she has to escort the convict, resulting in lots of funny mother-daughter dialogues. Good fun.

Just “Okay”

Watching this film gave me anxiety!

We’re meant to be believe that an inmate, nearing the end of her sentence for armed robbery, is having an escorted visit to see her mother on her deathbed. And the officer chosen to do said escort is something of a rookie, wanting to make a good impression in order to get a full-time job with the prison.

So far, so meh.

Yet within a few minutes of the journey (in running time) the officer is unshackling the prisoner’s ankles, then a short time later, her legs, and minutes later leaving her entirely unmonitored.

The whole premise is so entirely unbelievable that I was cringeing with the anxiety of it all and shouting at the TV that it was so stupid.

That said, I found it an enjoyable enough film, helped by its comparatively short running time.

To enjoy it yourself, I suggest you leave your brain and any common sense contained within it at the door. Question what you see to heavily and it’ll fall apart before your eyes.


Definitely not great but not the worst. Either way it’s watchable despite its cringey moments where the prisoner gets cuffs off and even free from the C.O. for a portion of time, which was ridiculous on many levels. Melissa Leo was pretty decent and so was the young Tessa Thompson; mediocre for what it is.