6.9 on the Richter Scale (2016)


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Actor Romeo premieres as Orpheus in the earthquake rocked kingdom of Bucharest. As his unknown pilot father lands in his new palace with a parachute mistress attached, and his unemployed wife, Juliet gets depressed, he plans to leave their shaky marriage. Jealous Juliet leaves Romeo first and takes a step to welcoming Hades, but the smiling Devil on the stage grants the couple a second chance.—Bogdan Popescu

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6.9 on the Richter Scale Movie Reviews

Caranfil is back!

After directing some of the funniest (well, in my opinion) Romanian comedies, Nae Caranfil seemed like he had somewhat lost the plot after the great “Filantropica”. “Restul e tăcere” was still funny and subtle, but a bit too long and at times losing steam. I never got “Closer to the Moon” – unconvincing story, easily my least favorite film of his. But this one’s definitely a winner!

“6.9 pe scara Richter” is far removed from new Romanian wave movies. It’s got a great story, it’s part musical (with the actors all singing their parts, or so claims the director), it’s got great humor – it got many laughs at the screening I was at. It goes back to the director’s roots a bit – some of the characters, including the lead, are theater actors, just like in “E pericoloso sporgersi”, his first movie. Even actor pranks make a comeback.

It’s probably lighter on the social commentary compared to “Filantropica” or “Asfalt Tango”, while focusing more on personal themes. But still, there’s plenty to enjoy here.

Forget “La La Land,” the best musical comedy is here.

An earthquake of laughter of 6.9 degrees magnitude (on the Richter Scale) has been triggered by Nae Caranfil’s comedic family drama. Never thought that I would be laughing at nightmares but art inspires in mysterious ways. One of the rare box-office successes in the recent Romanian cinematography, the movie has it all: uplifting storyline (boy finally realizes that he loves girl), inspired directing, a plethora of diverse characters, and a talented cast – with a plus for Lurentiu Branescu’s singing, Maria Simona Arsu’s versatility, and Teodor Corban’s uncanny lying abilities. This is a movie about how little we appreciate those who temporarily occupy our homes and our lives. While enjoying the cascade of pranks and witty dialogues, pay attention to the family drama running in the background and ask yourself: Does my relationship have a red bullet? If it does, invite your dear one to “6.9 on the Richter Scale.” It will rock your world in more ways than you think.

Light but good comedy for the hard stuff in life

This movie was a really nice surprise, both as a change from the new Romanian cinema wave usual focused on the ugly face of the reality in a country trying to evolve from a legacy that still haunts us – for me as a Romanian that is depressing, although the movies are good (well the director is not “per se” part of this wave… but it’s not far from it given the previous movies) and especially as content. What is actually a drama was delivered with a lot a humor and so many good gags and situational comedy that I’ve left the cinema lighthearted while thinking about the harsh truth behind the story… well done! It really made my day. And I’m not the only one – I’ve seen the movie with a friend that went through a divorce and still the laughter was there! And the adjective to describe was “splendid” (yes, the surprise of getting something much better than expected played a role :), but that was just a tiny bit)

The movie is focused on relationships – and the story is evergreen… now or in 50 years, it will have the same impact. It’s not maybe a movie you will say it’s in your top 10 favorites, but once someone will mention it you will smile.

I was also very pleasantly surprised by the acting of the actors in the main roles – to be honest, most of them were new to me. But…. “mission accomplished” 🙂 not Oscar nominations, but well done!

The only thing I didn’t liked was how long musical at the end of it was… But I don’t like musicals! So you might actually enjoy it

Bref, if you want to have a good laughter while thinking about something of substance that resonates with your experiences, this is a good choice. It will make your day a bit brighter. Good job Nae Caramfil!