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The “boys’ version” of this coming-of-age horror film depicts the joint training camp of the drama clubs of boys’ and girls’ high schools in two films, the “boys’ version” and the “girls’ version,” each depicting the drama clubs from the respective perspectives of boys and girls. The drama club of Muduchi High School, a boys’ high school located on top of a mountain, invites Shiran High School, a girls’ high school, to hold a joint camp in anticipation of the school’s integration into a co-ed school the following year. The boys’ club members, including Sota, who are excited to meet the girls, and the girls’ club members, including Koharu, start the joint training camp, but a series of frightening and strange events occur to the club members. It soon becomes clear that they are the work of “Dorome,” an old mountain legend. The “Boys’ Arc” stars Yuta Ozeki (Gomenne Seishun!) as Sota, the main character of the “Boys’ Arc. and Aoi Morikawa plays Koharu, a member of the girls’ club who becomes the main character in the “Girls’ Arc.

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