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Fog City Movie Reviews

Where is John Carpenter when you need him

Snoozefest at best, why oh why was this happening? The only redeeming quality about this movie was the soundtrack. The special effects were ok. Fog city dissipates as you’re watching this movie and so will you into slumber as you are watching it. What a silly premise of hysteria and survival. So much paranoia in one film, all you can ask while you are shaking your head is people really this stupid. Writers need to make horror movies more believable than the viewer can empathize with the main character better. These group of friends made all the wrong choices and it left you feeling like can this movie hurry up and go off, I have to clean the toilet.

When Disney actors grow up

And try to star in a horror movie… it doesn’t go very well. The acting is bad, the directing is weird, and the whole idea has already been done multiple times. Fog takes over a town and makes people go crazy. Fog takes over a town and brings monsters. Fog takes over a town and everyone dies. How many more fog movies need to be made? I really don’t even know what would make this movie ‘better’. Maybe in another decade, when there aren’t a dozen ‘fog’ movies and TV shows. Maybe if there were better actors or a decent director… maybe. Idk. 1 star. Boring cliche movie. I’d rather watch Scary Movie for the dozenth time – at least those ones are funny and know not to take themselves too seriously.