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A warning from history.

I had known for a couple of years that Mr. Wilkinson was in the throes of trying to get this documentary made, though the original conception I believe was eighteen years old altogether. I had done some ‘magpie’ research regarding The Holocaust myself and had questioned the how and why’s of how a whole nation seemingly had turned into a huge killing machine and similarly the virus of Nazism had been transmitted across Europe, so much so that thousands of others had been either been recruited or volunteered themselves for the most terrible of crimes against humanity. The ‘mystery’ of the how’s and whys are revealed here in this most extensive and painful documentary. It makes for difficult viewing and lays out as clearly as it can the whole gamut of what happened and the reasons why millions of innocent Jews and others were eliminated and how only 1 percent of those responsible were ever put on trial. You will have to watch it for yourselves to untangle the whole terrible web of horror and the equally terrible injustice not given to the Jewish people after the war. One thing you can take away from it is the warning that we have so often been given. How ordinary men (for these were not monsters) turned their back on their fellow man, murdered innocent men women and children for a toxic belief in the hateful dogma of the other being inferior and different to you and amounting to no more than the life of a beetle you would crush beneath your feet and that these same people could then return back to civilian life and allowed to live out their lives, a luxury not afforded to their victims.


An important film on so many levels and hugely relevant in our current global and domestic political landscape. Be warned this is a long film and it is a difficult watch at times but this is history that should be common knowledge and should never be forgotten.

The most powerful and haunting film. Essential viewing.

I thought I knew all about the Holocaust. I was wrong. I left the cinema with tears of rage and sadness. Three hours flew by with an increasing build as interviews and scenes from the time and the present day added layer upon layer of evidence, fact and pain. A beautifully shot and compelling film which will stay with me.