Summer Love (2016)

  • Year: 2016
  • Released: 20 Aug 2016
  • Country: Canada, United States
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  • IMDb:
  • Rotten Tomatoes:
  • Metacritics:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: TV-G
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Runtime: 83 min
  • Writer: Dawn DeKeyser, Sandra Berg, Judith Berg
  • Director: Lynne Stopkewich
  • Cast: Rachael Leigh Cook, Lucas Bryant, Travis Milne
  • Keywords:
33% – Critics
false% – Audience

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Summer Love Movie Reviews

Hallmark romance

Maya Sulliway (Rachael Leigh Cook) is 35, widower, and mom. She is back in school to study accounting. Her professor sends her to be an intern at a high-tech company despite her lack of tech savvy. She is assigned to the CFO Colin Fitzgerald (Lucas Bryant). CEO Will Martin (Travis Milne) is taken with her. Colin and Will have been together since creating their app Talker but Colin is frustrated that Will is lackadaisical in producing version 2.0.

This is cute. Cook is cute. The guys are cute. It’s all cute and not that real. It’s real like various cute romances do banking industry, or fashion business, or any number of businesses. The rom-com is cute until it tries to do the business. The personal relationships are the important aspects and I would have preferred staying out of the business. I’d rather have Will cheat on Maya with a woman. When Josh stole Maya’s idea, I feared that the movie would become about that but I really like how it was handled. This Hallmark movie needs to know its strength and developing an app is not one of them.

Love, summer and technology

The 2016 Summer Nights output was a bit of a mixed bag. While there was ‘Summer Villa’ that was the best of the good ones, there was also on the other end of the film spectrum quality-wise ‘My Summer Prince’. The premise sounded nice and different, did like that technology featured a lot and was an integral part of the story which is not seen an awful lot with Hallmark. Rachel Leigh Cook has been worth watching in many of her films and the role here sounded perfect for her.

And it was perfect for her in real life too. ‘Summer Love’ was a long way from a classic and had issues (one being quite serious), but there was also a lot that was good and even great. Of the 2016 Summer Nights films (in what was as said a very variable batch), ‘Summer Love’ is for me easily one of the best, on reflection in fact it is second only to ‘Summer Villa’. Really appreciated that it did have a different setting and tried to not stick too close to the usual formula.

Beginning with what didn’t work, this reviewer will admit to hating some of the supporting characters for their excessively mean spirited treatment of Maya in a way that was completely undeserved. Did find the ending too pat and while early on one is kept guessing who she is going to choose it does become clear too early who it will be.

Did think as well that Travis Milne was a little on the bland side with a character that is not as well fleshed out as the other two.

Cook though is a breath of fresh air here and brings a lot of radiant charm. Also found her character very likeable and easy to get behind, while appreciating that she wasn’t made too perfect (though she could have stood up for herself stronger perhaps). Lucas Bryant is easy going, down to earth and charismatic in an understated but never phoned in way. He and Cook have a very sweet and natural chemistry. The supporting cast are solid.

Moreover, the production values are nicely done, not over lavish but also not static or cheap. The scenery is lovely. Very interesting to see the use of technology while also seeing how far it has come on over the past few years. The music isn’t too constant or loud, the script is suitably light hearted and flows well and even with it being predictable the story doesn’t try to do more than necessary and is the meaning of feel good. With playful comedy and well meaning and not too schmaltzy drama.

In conclusion, good if not great. 7/10.

Nice summer film

I really enjoyed this film as it was a nice feel good summer film and I like Maya’s character, but I feel really bad for her since she has a lot of drama going in her life throughout the film. She feels out of place with all the younger people at her internship, she quickly becomes the involved in a love triangle with both the CFO and the CEO, causing all the other interns to become jealous of her. Maya is such a nice and sweet character and she doesn’t deserve to be treated badly as all she wants is to gets through the internship without trouble. I thought a lot of the characters were unfairly rude to her, but at least she has the support of her best friend, her daughter and her true love interest. I’m just glad she managed to prove herself to everyone in the end.