The Titan (2018)

20% – Critics
15% – Audience

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A military family takes part in a ground-breaking experiment of genetic evolution and space exploration.

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The Titan Movie Reviews

Started off so well, then I don’t know what happened.

I was so intrigued to watch this movie, the trailer I saw made the film look awesome. The first twenty minutes or so I really enjoyed. I got into it immediately, the acting was really rather good, the story very interesting, but something seems to change, it’s almost as if they switched directors or writers, as the film just turns into a real mess, it was hard to follow, almost every character was hard to like, and you find yourself asking ‘what’s the point.’

I’ll applaud the acting, and special effects, the latter in particular were great, but overall there was just something about it that I didn’t like, if I’m honest I was bored.

What was he going to do on his own on that planet?

Mehhh. 4/10

Honestly? It’s like two different movies.

I dont know how to describe this movie. The beginning is interesting, the scenes are well shot, visuals are interesting. All of this applies to this movie. Until about halfway. Then things start getting really stupid.

At the halfway point the director seems to suddenly hit every cliche that has been established. Stupid scenes of people dying? Got it. Stupid scenes of an “evolved species”? Got it. Stupid rebellion and escape scene? Got it. Stupid scene where main characters trick the “bad guy”? Got it. Extremely ridiculous ending? Got it. By the way, lets throw in a random “super power” that we got people to somehow gain by evolving right at the ending. Yup, got that too.

Honestly, it’s like two different people wrote the script, and neither of them talked to each other. One thought the movie was going to build up to something meaningful, so he wrote the first half. The other guy thought he was remaking Predator/Rambo/Superman, and he wrote the second half.

Seen it all before

THE TITAN is a slow-moving, digital-looking fable about a family man who signs up to a new and exciting company bent on sending man into the far reaches of space; in order to facilitate this, the man agrees to undergo a series of genetic experiments designed to transform him into a super-human. What follows is a character study sadly mired in predictability and characters whom you don’t really care about all that much. Sure, the effects and performances are okay, but there’s really very little to sustain this other than meditations on identity, science and what it means to be a human being. We’ve seen it all before, and then some.