All I Want (2017)

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36% – Audience

All I Want Storyline

Mel and Andrew have been married for ten years – in fact, today is their wedding anniversary. To celebrate this special occasion, they’ve invited their family and closest friends to their home for an evening together. Yet as the night grows, Mel reveals surprising news that will shake those relationships around them forever.—Anonymous

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All I Want Movie Reviews

Great Little Indie Film

An entertaining film that spotlights relationships and the hurdles of expectations. All I Want pushes our range of emotions with an ensemble of characters that we can all relate to. The writing is thoughtful and sensitive. Thumbs up all around.

Such an Enjoyable Film!!

All I Want is one of those slice of life dramas that feels so real you’d think they read your mind! At least that’s what it was like for me watching this great drama unfold. I love a solid ensemble relationship story and this was precisely that! It reminded me of those great ensemble movies like the Big Chill and St. Elmo’s Fire in the sense that it’s a tight knit group of friends dealing with the very real feelings underneath their social niceties. Highly Recommend this film!!

Wonderful movie about friendship and relationship choices.

Wonderful movie about friendship and relationship choices. Funny and poignant story that is thought provoking about choices we make in adulthood. There is someone here that everyone can relate to.