BearCity 3 (2016)

45% – Critics
45% – Audience

BearCity 3 Storyline

After a continuing losing streak that started at the altar, Roger tries to claw out of financial ruin and into the arms of Tyler. But Jay, Ty’s hunky Fire Chief partner is not letting that flame blaze. Meanwhile, fireworks explode when Fred’s obsessive tinkering on their bear documentary conflicts with Brent’s baby prep and the unwavering due date of their new born. Mama Bear Michael faces major challenges and finds that love comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. Join us as we take one final adventure into the woods with the BearCity gang, where romance can sometimes be hairy but ultimately worth every hilarious, sometimes painful and all-consuming moment.—The BearCity Team

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BearCity 3 Movie Reviews

A good wrapup

I’ll admit, I did not like the movie nearly as much when I first saw it following its release. As time passes, it’s grown on me more. It was by no means the perfect ending to the trilogy, but the charming and lovable cast made this film impossible not to like. Definitely some re-watch value.

Not worth it

This sequel is even worse than the previous one. Many things happened off-screen, many ridiculous things happen on-screen, the concept is repetitive, many things are weird and don’t make sense at all, plot is not that interesting. this one even grossed me a bit. Don’t watch it.

Pretty much for BEARS only !!!

OK I just saw BearCity 3. This movie is VERY predictable !! Actually the other two were just as predictable with a lot of BEAR stereotypes. For example Fred is seen smoking pot in the first one and vaping in the 3rd ( not a surprise since here in Colorado where pot is legal other than the millennials the group who strongly wanted it was the bears ) and Fred works in media too and that is a stereotype as not all bears work in radio, movies or TV. Unless it is porno what about the morals clause in their contracts ?? I have seen guys on sites like Growlr who say they work for K***TV or W*** and the next pic is of them nude, What a risk !! The first one shows a bear smoking a cigar and that also is a bear stereotype oh several scenes in these BearCity movies takes place in a BAR, What about bears who don’t drink ?? Do they exist ?? Must be hell for a guy who doesn’t drink and is a bear !! I said “pretty much for bears only” but even they will have a few problems with these movies. In BearCity 3 why is a woman allowed to be at a male only clothing optional resort ?? I don’t know about The Woods but I have been to quite a few others such as Timberfell in Tennessee, Canyon Club in Palm Springs and Hillside in Pennsylvania and they do NOT allow women. “WOOF” ?? Not every bear says that either and why is a couple who is monogamous is willing to go to a bear run, P-Town and The Woods in the first place is beyond me.

BearCity 3 as I had said is very predicable. You know what is going to happen before it does. I knew before it actually happened scenes like the woman having a baby at the campground and the scene with the bear ( the animal one ), Roger’s stabbing and the “disagreements” in the movie too. The early scene of that girl having a hard time calling the partner a daddy and the scene where Jay the fire fighter has a hard time coming out and at the end does…yeah PREDICTABLE !! It needs to be said that the guy behind this movie went to a number of bear sites begging guys for help with this movie. Wonder how those guys feel about it now ??? Well some of then probably liked it only because their face is showed in this movie.

While not a truly terrible movie I gave BearCity 3 a 4 but bears may go to 5 or 6 because only they can get it.