You, Me and Him (2017)

73% – Critics
73% – Audience

You, Me and Him Storyline

In this classic romantic comedy with a very modern twist, we meet lesbian couple Olivia and Alex (Lucy Punch and Faye Marsay). Despite their age difference, they’re very much in love. As the question of pregnancy beckons and they befriend their new neighbour John (David Tennant), lines begin to get blurred and the trio find themselves in some truly uncharted territory.—anon

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You, Me and Him Movie Reviews

Aw, come ON! (Just maybe spoilers)

It’s not THAT bad. Yes, it’s probably very cliché, but it’s supposed to be. It played with stereotyping, it showed – in ways that could have been a lot clearer and less “haha, funny” but wasn’t because that wasn’t the movie they wanted to make – the problems of lesbian couples being seen as COUPLES by most of their surroundings and constantly having to defend their relationships, wherever they go. You could probably (and maybe should) make a drama out of that feature, but this wasn’t the movie for it. So they made it a laugh, but eh… *I* got the point. As another cliché, when someone acts and moves and talks like the biggest alpha-male in the world, it doesn’t automatically make them a bad person. My brother used to wear all black, chains and big metal-covered boots and studs and has tats all over this body, no hair on his head but a big manly beard. He’s the friendliest, most helpfull person you could find, and he had a laugh when people feared he’d eat their babies. Still – people crossed the road when he walked past. Overall, it was funny and a bit sad, but enjoyable to watch, but you should really not expect anything award-worthy. I agree with posters before that there wasn’t that much chemistry between the leads, but if I want to watch light entertainment, I really don’t care that much. I just play pretend that we get the chemistry behind closed doors.

Loved it and Annoyed by it

Simply loved so many aspects of this movie. David Tennant, Faye Marsay, and Sarah Parish were nothing less than brilliant; you couldn’t take your eyes off them when they were on screen. Add to that the genuinely true-to-life moments of humor and deep pain – the reasons that we go to the movies in the first place – and the result is a sharing of the human condition and seeing what connects even the most different of us. The reasons to love this movie.

Then there are the reasons that this fils is so annoying…While Lucy Punch was competent as the solid core of the film, her complete lack of chemistry with Marsay held the film back from truly shining. Add to that a script that had a pair of contrived moments for every brilliant one and enough f-bombs to prove the lack of dialog inspiration and the foundation for the movie to be annoying were firm laid.

Daisy Aitkins direction was alternately spot-on and muddled, but the wonderful moments were enough to make me want to see her next project. Oh…and seeing Georgia, Olivia, and Wilfred Tennant make ridiculously blonde, beautiful, and hilarious cameos were a nice perk too.

Overall incredibly disappointed

I was very excited to see this as I am a big fan of David Tennant, but sadly this film left me with a sinking feeling by the time it was over.

The good: I am amazed they were able to make this film with a budget of under $160,000. That is incredible and I give the filmmakers huge kudos for that. There were also several good to great performances. Faye Marsay was wonderful, as were David Tennant and Sarah Parrish. And I even laughed once or twice.

The bad: The writing was not good. It doesn’t matter how top notch the talent is, the writing dragged them down. There were moments that were just so ridiculous (and not in a good way) that my suspension of disbelief was compromised and I just kept repeating: this is awful, who thought this was a good idea, etc.

Another big problem I had was that there was very little chemistry between the two main characters (supposedly lesbians in a loving relationship). We don’t see much evidence of this at all (it was more being told something vs being shown something). The women hardly touched, hardly kissed, and most of the time didn’t seem like they even liked each other. For a romantic comedy, there was not a lot of romance. Instead we start the film at two truly horrible decisions being made that should make any sane person turn tail and run from such dysfunction. Most of the film has the two people not even talking let alone trying to fix their relationship. By the end of the film there is a voiceover sort of giving a recap and it’s not clear whether the two are even together. I don’t consider it a successful romcom if you can’t see whether two people are together, but need to wait until you are told whether they are or aren’t. Again, I blame the writing and directing choices.

I debated whether or not to include a spoiler, and I won’t. BUT there is an event that happens in the film that made me so angry to have watched it, because I thought I was going to be watching an edgy though fun and light hearted romcom. It was traumatic and heartbreaking and not implied in any official chatter around the film. I almost stopped watching right then and there. This film is being sold as a rom-com, but people should know going into it that it is in no way fun or light hearted.