Without Name (2016)

81% – Critics
50% – Audience

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Without Name Movie Reviews

Irish Folk Horror

Without Name: Irish Folk Horror. A land surveyor works in eerie woods in a gully on the side of a mountain. He spots a strange silhouette as does the student who arrives to help him. His marriage is strained as is his affair with the student. Things get more complicated when they hang out with a magic mushroom munching crustie.

But the mushrooms are not responsible for all the weirdness as people get lost both physically and spiritually in the woods. A true sense of Panic is aroused at times.

Top tip: never ask for an IPA in a mountainside pub in rural Ireland. 8/10.

Not much happening here…

This was very creepy thanks to clever photography and sound effects, and genuinely good acting. It is, however, a rather quiet and slow moving film with not much happening apart from the characters’ minds playing tricks on them. It turns very weird towards the end. I think the guy who wrote this had too many mushrooms…

Reality and Dreams Merge

The natural world, with its serenity and stillness, brings comfort for many. For Eric, a land surveyor who heads to the woods solely to escape a shattered marriage, it brings something else. Summoned by a mysterious client to a cabin far from the concrete dullness of his suburban home, Eric eagerly awaits the arrival of Olivia who is both surveying partner and mistress. Olivia encourages Eric to live his dreams, yet he is a man who has none. Within the mist and moss covered forest, shadows intrude. The stillness combined with obtrusive locals, unsettle something in Eric’s psyche.

Without Name immerses the audience in a surreal world filled with spectral auras and tones. The forest alternately glows and darkens, appearing like a dance floor where possibilities brighten in the flickering light, then dissipate into murkiness again. I love this film theme, where reality and dreams merge together and become indistinguishable from each other. I only wish the dialogue and action sequences were as deep as the film themes. Seen at the Miami International Film Festival.