The Con is On (2018)

0% – Critics
38% – Audience

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In an effort to avoid paying off a massive gambling debt to a notorious mobster in England, a couple flee to Los Angeles and hatch a jewel theft plot.

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The Con is On Movie Reviews

Unpleasant characters sink this one

Two British con artists relocate to Los Angeles and hatch a plan to steal an expensive diamond ring in order to pay off a huge gambling debt.

Sound good? Well, alas it just ain’t due to two grossly unappealing main characters: Uma Thurman as the gorgeous, but cold and calculating Harry Fox and Tim Roth as her coarse drunken husband Peter make for an immensely hateful and off-putting pair. Moreover, Alice Eve as spoiled rotten rich gal Jackie, Crispin Glover as womanizing heel Gabriel, Sofia Vergara as vampy starlet Vivien, and Parker Posey as the snarky Gina are likewise extremely obnoxious and revolting individuals who are supposed to be funny, but instead come across as merely insufferable. Only Maggie Q as the slinky, but deadly Irina Solokov and Stephen Fry as smarmy connection Sidney manage to be fairly amusing. Despite polished production values and a stellar cast, this one overall proves to be a big letdown.

My IQ dropped 10 points from watching this…

There are no words to describe how painful it was to watch this movie in its entirety. Like seriously how did this script get a green light? There is no plot, every character is sloppy coked out mess, and not one cohesive sentence is uttered. Avoid at all costs.

Not so good

The cast is great, but the movie is awful. The biggest heist of this movie is being able to hire this amazing cast (the director is the son of billionaires, so go figure). The biggest con is to get the audience to watch it, hoping something would come to it. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 4/21/21.