The New Romantics: A Fine Romance (2001)


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A look at the movement born from the London club scene at the beginning of the 80s.

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Kings of the Wild Frontier

A compelling and entertaining look into one of the best and most colorful eras in music history, “The New Romantics: A Fine Romance” is a visual treat on the look and sound that defined a generation. An offspring of the Glam Rock and Punk scenes of the 1970s the New Romantic movement picked up from economically and artistically challenged Britain and ushered in a synth-heavy Pop sound with flamboyant clothing and lots of make-up. Visage, Adam and The Ants, Duran Duran, ABC, Culture Club, Soft Cell and other luminaries are featured with interviews of the artists and scene makers like Steve Strange, Boy George, Martin Kemp, Nick Rhodes, Jonathan Ross and Martin Fry sharing their opinions and memories of the great time. Great footage of the places, individuals and artists give one a fun and thrilling peek into a fascinating world gone by. The only flaw of the doc is the failure to highlight how great the music is. The best songs and albums of the talented acts are among the most outstanding and enduring in music and it’s the timeless and unique musical legacy of the movement that made it define an era and what made it matter in the first place. With loads of talent and creativity the New Romantic era added another dimension to music that liberated and inspired and whose influence endures.