We’ve Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew (2016)

47% – Audience

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We’ve Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew Movie Reviews

Strange Movie That Seems To Go Nowhere

Unfortunately, this attempt at something creatively and emotional brilliant never succeeds. The audience is instead bombarded at the start with too many puzzling questions: Cannot snow be melted for fresh water? Cannot deer tracks be followed instead of running after a live animal to find water? What smoke makes one cough? A woman not noticing someone missing? Tall structures that are not able to be seen? An impossible search “everywhere” in so short a time? Instead of enjoying and experiencing the movie, the audience is stuck in their heads wondering “why the inconsistencies?” at the start. While the screenwriters attempt to offer one answer to the fascinating existential question of what is “home?” they really never succeed to offering up much more than a boringly tantalizing taste. Instead we get questions about eating customs and practices, disjointed relational continuity between a man and woman. Often one scene relational interaction does not always seem to flow into another. There are unclear personal motivations of the characters and scenes that seem to cut away too soon without helpful temporary resolutions. There is the unlikely absence of important communication of experiences between this man and woman especially considering they have supposedly spent surviving in the wilderness for years together. Ultimately this movie offers only a hodgepodge of “supposedly” interesting incidents with little understanding or connectivity and mostly unexplainable behavior even the strange reaction to artificial light. Unfortunately, the script writers know so much more or maybe known nothing about what is really going on or struggling to. The audience, most of them, will most likely only experience confusion and bewilderment as to the motivations and the odd reactions that the characters display as if the script writers were hoping for more from their apparently supposedly different, strange occurrences. One is reminded of a similar but more effective thought piece found in Season Two of Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Royal” (1989) where Worf, Data and Riker find themselves trapped in a recreation of a poorly written novel. This movie is not really worth watching hoping for some wonderous revelation or reveal.

Deeply, Deeply Meaningful

Meaningfully deep, and deeply meaningful. A man and a woman. And a mannequin. They are in danger. Then, they are not. But all is not well. And the movie, although deeply deep, and meaningfully meaningful, is deeply boring after the first half. Seen on Tubi, the free streaming site, where many low-budget indies, foreign films, older theater films, B movies, and box office flops, go to die.

I’m not sure what this was supposed to be.

Post apocalypse? Parallel universe? Someone’s derangement played out on screen? The movie is slow, and doesn’t have much of a story. We’re never quite sure what’s going on, or what it’s supposed to be. The characters are confusing (the pool guy, especially.) What exactly this is seems to be very open to interpretation, which is only slightly charming. That with the performances and cinematography keep it from being completely unwatchable, but if I had to do it over, I would probably pass this one by.