Supercon (2018)

23% – Critics
29% – Audience

Supercon Storyline

A rag-tag group of former TV stars and comic book artists, who make their living working at conventions, decide to steal the loot from a crooked promoter and an overbearing former TV icon.

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Supercon Movie Reviews

Good fun

Enjoyable ride, cheesy but fun. Great gift con goers 🙂

Immature and sexist

An actual good idea, a heist movie inside a comic-con, with the marginalized celebrities seeking revenge on the (of course vile) big star and the greedy organizer. Add to that some known names, most notably John Malkovich, Maggie Grace and I was intrigued.

Wow, what a disappointment this was. Extremely mishandled, everything from the script to the acting was so bad. And not even so bad it was quirky or funny, but just bad taste bad. Each and every so called joke either was about sex or human waste. It was so simple minded that if I said that it could only have been written by a few eight year old boys, I think I am actually insulting the boys’ intelligence. And instead of the heist being the climax, it became a low point of toilet humor in its worst representation.

It is beyond me that the writers, who set their story in a comic-con, couldn’t come up with jokes and references connected to the popular culture or fandom that is one of the fastest growing businesses today. Instead the jokes always centered around someones crotch (mostly testicles) or cancer. Actually, the most commonly used “joke” combined it – Testicularcancer. Hilarious? No.

Not surprisingly, the acting was rather listless. Quite a few of the actors and actresses are very competent, I know that for a fact. My guess is that they just did their day’s work and got out of there as quick as they could. I would have too. I justed wish that I hadn’t spent the time watching it.

Makes 100 minutes feel like 200

This is a strange mess of a movie. It mocks comic-con culture, yet it’s so deep into it that I don’t even understand half the references. It’s full of good actors, but their roles are disappointing and the editing is appalling. The entire movie grinds to a halt for excessively long scenes that don’t have any relevance to the plot. Of all the mistakes made in this film, the editing is probably the worst.