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22% – Audience

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When US Marshal Moses White is called to the Wyoming Territory town of Dogwood Pass he never realized the corruption and deceit that awaited his arrival. Sometimes one small seed of seduction and greed planted in the right situation can cause a whole town to go bad. One bad character leads to another and it all starts with a dead husband in a western town.

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Who swoons twice?

When a man is shot in Dogwood Pass, the Marshall is called in to escort the suspect to Laramie. During this time, the Marshall plays Agatha Christie and uncovers the town’s dirty secrets.

The production was filmed at a tourist attraction near Beaver, Ohio, a great place to take the kids. The script and dialogue were very bad. The “twist” has been done recently in another film and maybe in a dozen more before that. There are attempts at humor that lack delivery. I was surprised that these were actual film actors and not re-enactor rejects who couldn’t fake a bad Elizabethan accent. The film at times was laughable, i.e. “so bad it was good.” Low budget, low entertainment.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.

A Poor Western with Just Enough Mystery to Keep Things Interesting

While making his rounds one morning in the town of Dogwood Pass of Wyoming Territory, “Sheriff Tom Ramey” (Darrell P. Miller) is hurriedly summoned to a nearby hotel where he is told that a man has just been shot and killed. Sure enough, after arriving on the scene Sheriff Ramey notices a young man by the name of “Danny Holt” (Justin Rose) standing over a dead body with a Colt .45 in his hand. It is then that he learns that Danny killed the man in an effort to protect a woman named “Camille Tammery” (Amanda Miller) from being physically abused by her former husband. Left with no other choice, the sheriff arrests Danny and takes him to the jail to await the arrival of a U.S. marshal who will escort him to Laramie to stand trial. To everyone’s surprise, “Marshal Moses White” (Christopher Rowley) not only arrives the very next day but also doesn’t seem convinced that Danny is the person responsible for the crime. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a very low budget film which suffered from rather poor camera technique and mediocre acting. It did, however, have an interesting plot which featured enough mystery to keep my attention from start-to-finish. That being said, while this clearly wasn’t a great Western by any means, I didn’t think it was necessarily that bad either and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Slightly below average.

Still Better Than I Expected

I am going to go against the grain a bit with this one. The principal actors and the director have a resume’ that shows that most of them are experienced actors. Since I don’t know about any of the actors, it looks to me that most of them are from the community theater and local area and that is not meant as a criticism. Everyone has to start somewhere and a good size number of the participants are off to a pretty good start in the acting profession. The seid, it could have been better but at least the town is an authentic western town that is a tourist location. It looks like it could have been shot on a studio location like the old westerns of TV golden age but it did not have the look of a studio production. Also the lady who was director has an impressive resume’. A little more money in the right places could have made a noticeable improvement.

The writing was far better than I expected and this movie is chock full of red herrings like that murder mystery movies of the thirties and forties and a number of TV murder mystery productions. IOW it has a lot of twists and turns that I was not see coming until they happened. The greatest weak spot the fight scenes are not believable and the guns sound almost like cap pistols so I guess there is the area where they probably did not have the money to do better with. I hope the director and actors go on to great careers if they want to but these are no weekend and evening actors but are budding professionals. Good work everyone. This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie.