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Perched high above it all in Denver, Joe Rogan¹s brand-new one-hour stand-up special, “Rocky Mountain High,” has a clear perspective. Tune in to find out the real meaning of infinity, why Joe will lie to you on stage and why Kim Kardashian is the most popular woman in the world. Filmed at the renowned Denver Comedy Works in downtown Denver, “Rocky Mountain High” proves if you¹re not paranoid, you¹re not paying attention.

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Stoner humor.

The first stand-up comedy I saw from him was Joe Rogan: Live from 2006. That show was filmed badly but I did enjoy his performance nonetheless. In Rocky Mountain High the filming improved a lot and looks much more professional. Like the first show I watched it starts a bit slow, but it gets much better towards the end. I think Joe Rogan needs a little warm-up and once he’s at his speed he’s unstoppable. His jokes are never obvious, it’s rarely what you think it will be. He has a broad and vivid imagination, must think a lot about the essential things of life when he’s stoned and comes up with funny stories. I enjoyed Rocky Mountain High even more than the first show but I get it that it’s not for everyone. Not everyone has the same sense of humor and that’s fine. If you didn’t like him before you won’t like him now, but I do and I will definitely watch his other stand-up comedies.

Wow Bad

Joe Rogan is so unfunny they actually had to add a laugh tack to this show! Not kidding.

The audience pretty much sits there wondering when the bugs and intestines are gonna come out.