Most Likely to Die (2015)

33% – Critics
false% – Audience

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Is it actually a Spoof?

I had literally just finished watching Scary movie, and this popped up as a suggestion so I gave it a try. On comparison Scary Movie was more realistic, better acted, and had a much tighter plot. It’s like the writer had gotten drunk, started reading Agatha Christie’s And then there were none, and thought up the most silly costume they could. I am so sad to see this genre of movie go down the pan, The Scream and I know what you did last Summer films were so good, this dire attempt at a film seemed to try and recreate that feeling, but failed miserably. The acting was dire, Perez Hilton’s scream at finding Ashleigh was like something out of a first year School drama production. It actually looks pretty good, the cameraman and editing team did a good job at least.

A sad reminder at how good the slasher genre used to be.

Most Likely to Get Bored…

“Most Likely To Die” had a nice premise going for it. Some high school buddies get together to celebrate their 10th reunion, but something is amiss in them thar hills. Soon the carnage starts, with the invitees getting offed in manners describing them in their yearbook. That was kind of a new and different take on the genre.

Unfortunately, the script is just, well, awful. The dialogue is so stilted, so cliché, so incredibly ridiculous, you soon just want the movie to be over. I loved the conversation between the people after they have found the first body, and all they can do is bitch at one another because of past decisions.

Then, there are decisions made that DEFY stupidity. The “good guys” actually have a gun in the house. Do they know how to use it effectively? Oh no; I guess that would be too easy. Do they EVER stick together? Oh no; I guess that would also be too easy. There is an unexpected twist near the end, but I will not reveal that.

The movie is rated “R” for brief nudity, simulated sex, graphic violence, and language. Not recommended.


I certainly understand the amount of negative reviews and overall attitude of disdain for this film. Most Likely to Die really is a bad movie. The plot is contrived and silly, replete with all of the slasher clichés. The cinematography is adequate at best, the lighting is horrible. The acting ranges from serviceable to downright laughable (don’t get me started on Perez Hilton). So why, despite all of these drawbacks, did I enjoy this film? One word: nostalgia. Most Likely to Die is a hardcore throwback to the cheesy slasher flicks of the 80’s. Every single aspect of this film, other than the outfits and music, screams 80’s slasher. Even the plot is a direct reference to, if not a ripoff of, the 1986 horror film Slaughter High (also known as April Fool’s Day). Most Likely to Die is a direct descendant of these legendary films, much more so than most modern slashers that also recycle the usual tropes. It’s really sort of a guilty pleasure. If you’re looking for anything other than a corny throwback, throw this one right out the window.