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Vietnamesesubtitle Human.Universe.S01E04.A.Place.In.Space.720p.BluRay.FLAC2.0.x264-EbP.Vietnamese
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Vietnamesesubtitle Human.Universe.S01E02.Why.Are.We.Here.720p.BluRay.FLAC2.0.x264-EbP
Vietnamesesubtitle Human.Universe.S01E01.Apeman.Spaceman.720p.BluRay.FLAC2.0.x264-EbP.Vietnamese

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BBC and Brian Cox does it Again !!!

Just Watched Episode 1 and 2 and it made me cry.

As I love scientific Documentary explaining some of the Deepest and most impossible Questions to answer for example: “Why we are Here?”, “Where do we Come from?”, “What is the purpose of Life?”.

In search for answers of “Why we are Here?”, Brain said something that even Stephen Hawking(don’t get me wrong, i like Hawking) didn’t dare to say in his documentary called “Grand Design”. Instead of giving False hope, Brian sticked to the Logic and Science.

The previous series by BBC and Brian Cox named “Wonders of life” was rocking and Breathtaking. They did it again in this series. Now Science is trying to find answers for some of the most oldest and seems impossible questions. General curious people like me sometime wonder to know if we ever able to find the answers to these questions. And nicely made documentary films like this one is enjoyable to watch.

Like it, Love it.

Brian does it again!

It comes as no surprise that Brian Cox, once again, delivers an astonishing documentary, this time, about the human journey from ape-man to spaceman. The 5 episode series explores the vast collection of human knowledge of roughly 200 thousand year passed on through generations. Humble, inquisitive and charming as you would expect a true renowned scientist to be, Brian manages to makes us yearn for re-connection with our human roots and gaze upon the vast collective global human curiosity spread around many cultures. The respectful way on which Brian Cox manages to encompass all of us as a global species is once again what drove me some times to get emotional and marvel upon the sheer scale and velocity on which humanity has evolved. Although, I couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy about what is still being done wrong and mostly because of greed and the materialistic nature of men. Needless to say I recommend this for people all around the world of all ages and faiths. A true MASTERPIECE that unfortunately goes unnoticed and under appreciated. A delightful experience that will help you never stop questioning.

Humanity progress and the potential of the future

Brian Cox is the new face of science along with Neil deGrasse Tyson who’s Carl Sagan Cosmos update is out of this world. Cox’s Wonders of… Trilogy made us wonder about life (5 episodes). the universe (4 episodes).and the solar system (5 episodes). Here Cox makes us think and is a bit more pragmatic and culturally sensitive to present the human perspective of the universe. The series starts strong with a link to our adaptive ancestors all the way to our impressive space achievements. Cox awaits a Soyuz reentry and rendezvous in Kazakhstan to greet cosmonauts. We have permanent presence in space (ISS) and here are humans coming back from this home…

The second episode asks the tough philosophical question and proposes some answers, while the third episode asks about the likelihood of aliens, interviewing famous Dr. Frank Drake who’s equation has been the base of scientific speculation since the 1960s. The episode however talks about some of its variables and implications, yet the conclusion reached at the end of the narrative is hasty and ill-explained. If that was the direction intended then the episode could have been longer, better researched or better edited.

After this still interesting chapter, the two last episodes are simply brilliant. The last one is the crown achievement of the series and perhaps also is the conclusion for the Wonders of… Trilogy as well as it is extremely well-written and delivered by Brian Cox. From the initial cave in Spain to the penultimate revelation of potential Neanderthal culture & intelligence that were extinct as alternate theory, thinking and warning, the script is science and philosophy at its best. The final shot in the Space Station window is priceless and says it all. Bravo!

Americans spend 10 times more on their pet grooming than in fusion energy research which could change humanity’s future… We haven’t put another human on the moon since 1972, 45 years ago… We can do better! Thanks Brian and BBC team

Education (and entertainment) is key

Episodes 1 “Apeman – Spaceman” 10/10 2 . “Why Are We Here?” 9/10 3 . “Are We Alone?” 8/10 4 . “A Place in Space and Time” 10/10 5 . “What is Our Future?” 10/10