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Two of Africas deadliest gladiators – hippos and crocs have lived side by side for millennia, but are they cozy bedfellows or arch-enemies?One is a hefty herbivore, the other is the most successful freshwater predator on the planet, so how do they manage to survive together in the same habitat? They each have a unique arsenal of attributes honed by centuries of evolution; muscle power, bite force and ferocious dentition give them the edge in their environment.But once a year, their peaceful semi-aquatic existence turns into a battle for survival. The dry season pushes both these super-powers to their limits and each has their own survival strategies. Crocodiles prey off the carcasses of the weak and fallen; 100 million years of evolution has taught them to survive lean times and push forth the next generation. Hippos fight for their dwindling territory and battle to hold onto the remaining water supply. Their ferocious aggression and deadly tusks secure their control over the habitat. But what happens when the two river rivals come up against each other, and who will be the ultimate victor?

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