But Deliver Us from Evil (2017)

43% – Audience

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Lilith emerges present day in the city of Atlanta where a prominent church leader lives. He is not like other leaders but his bloodline possess a rare gift. A gift unknowing to him can equip him to defeat a demon like Lilith. Lilith, also known as the succubus, who tempts men with their own sexual desires uses this tool to entrap her male victims. Her wrath is slowly revealed through numerous murders of men throughout the city but to ensure her complete and total dominance she must eliminate any potential opposition, that opposition happens to be that prominent church leader, his name Pastor Robert J. Knight. Lilith eventually infiltrates the Pastors life causing him to succumb to his own temptation. Lilith now believes she has cleared her path to victory until she is blindsided by the Pastor’s long lost biological son who is now headed to the city to attend college.

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Deliver Us from This Movie

You know, when I read the description for this I thought it might be like a version of Species. Creature takes the form of an attractive female with a sometimes tail and a desire to fornicate with it’s prey. Weirdly, I have never seen Species yet thought for some reason this similarity would make this a decent B movie. I was wrong. I wish this movie was some Species knock off, I wish it had picked a lane at all.

That’s the big problem with it, it’s jamming a lot of square pegs in any round holes it can find and nothing fits right. For starters, it’s highly sexual AND highly religious and that is a WEIRD combination. Second, it’s a demon movie but also about destiny and virginity and purity. It is sooooo preachy and scattered. The acting is awful, the effects are about where I’d expect a movie like this to be but weirdly it’s the sound editing that’s really off putting. None of the dialogue feels right, in part because it’s bad, clunky dialogue but also because it sounds like everyone’s doing a weird voice over or the guy working the switchboard just doesn’t know how to record from their mics properly.

I could really go on about just about everything that happens here but lets blow through it. Sudden twins! Romance from nowhere! Demon Hunter Preachers? The thing actually falls for the… But what about… You know what, enough. This is bad. It’s sooooo preachy too. This is an avoid at all costs and, frankly, would make me think twice about watching something else from this director.

Only For People Who Believe In God, But Overall Silly and Stupid.

This was a stupid film about faith, God and the bible. It puts spin on the whole story of Adam and Eve and adds Lilith who was Adam “second wife” (not biblical accurate) and she gets angry with Adam and then with God and is now hell bent on destroying men. I guess even female demons can carry a woman’s scorn…lol. It was promising but fell flat in the end, but I’m not surprised, because when you put spin on the bible you always end up taking away the value of the story. Bottom line, this movie is only for people who believe in God, but overall, silly and stupid

I had one of those vision things again.

Eric Roberts, topped billed has a minute role in the feature. Jeremiah, a foster child of unknown parentage sleep walks and goes to an Atlanta college called UMT, although referred as UMC by Pooch Hall who flubbed his lines. Jeremiah (Grant Harvey) has visions and a bad hair cut, the only thing in the film worse than the acting and script. He must combat Lilith (Alice Rose) a serial killer with tremendous T&A for a serpent. They spend a lot of the film explaining their theology, but never why Jeremiah doesn’t know how to work a comb. The film was horribly bad, even for those who might buy into the theology.

Guide: No swearing of nudity. Alice Rose is very sexual.