Shark Killer (2015)

12% – Audience

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The services of shark killer Chase Walker have been engaged by his brother Jake, the head of a West Coast crime ring. The gig: kill the black-finned shark that swallowed a valuable diamond during a gang transaction. Enlisted to keep an eye on Chase is Jake’s colleague, Jasmine. But Chase and Jasmine’s relationship deepens with the threats from a rival crime boss: bring the diamond to him or die. Soon, loyalties will shift, and Chase will learn that trusting in blood is for suckers. Now, it’s crime boss against crime boss, brother against brother, and man against nature, as Chase strives to rescue Jasmine, save his own life, and track down the great black-finned shark that will be the greatest challenge of his career.

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Shark Killer Movie Reviews

A shark movie without all the sharks…

Right, well I sat down to watch the 2015 movie “Shark Killer” without having read the movie’s synopsis. So I blindly believed that this movie was going to be a movie with sharks being the focal point of the storyline.

Oh, how mistaken I was. This movie was not about sharks, but instead about people chasing after a shark to cut out a rare diamond from its belly. So I was sorely disappointed with this movie, as I had expected and hoped for a shark creature feature.

While the movie wasn’t at all what I had expected, it should be said that the movie actually wasn’t all that bad. It was watchable and semi-entertaining actually. Well, while it wasn’t an outstanding movie, it made for adequate entertainment for a single viewing.

“Shark Killer” has the likes of Derek Theler, Erica Cerra and Arnold Vosloo on the cast list, so it wasn’t actually all bad in terms of casted performers.

Visually then “Shark Killer” wasn’t a particularly impressive movie. There were a few odd shark segments here and there, but nothing in the likes of movies such as “Jaws”, “The Meg”, “Deep Blue Sea”, and such.

“Shark Killer” turned out to be a cheesy movie actually, but still watchable. I am rating it a four out of ten stars. Watchable, yes, but disappointingly not a movie about sharks as the main focus.

Shark Killer

The success of “JAWS” has resulted in a glut of shark horror films and this film “SHARK KILLER” is one of the better produced copycat films. Having visited Cape Town in South Africa and having one “Shark Cage Diving” in Gansbai could identify with a few of the locales most importantly “Chapman’s Peak drive” .A overdose of violence but in all a entertaining film. Confined to the house during “Covid-19” lockdown in Mumbai its movies that provide entertainment.

Enjoyable, not amazing.

If you’re looking at this title because you’re a Jo Lupo or A.L.i.E. fan, it’s worth a watch, though some of the scenes will be hard to swallow, and lets hope Ms Cerra didn’t drive that car in those shoes…

This isn’t as scary as Jaws or The Meg, but it’s far better made then a SciFi Channel monster of the week movie, even though the big bad moves more like a Tuna then a Great White.

If you’re doing a date-night double feature, put this one on first while you’re eating popcorn, then watch The Meg or similar afterwards. Once you’re in to the second act, this one moves along nicely.

It really only has one plot point missed, them not going back for the rest of the villains collection.