How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2017)

48% – Critics
38% – Audience

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How to Talk to Girls at Parties Movie Reviews

How To Talk To Girls At Parties tepidly blends punk rock with otherworldly romance.

Bizarre. Immaculately bizarre. An ambitious empty shell that struggles to develop its themes and characters. The equivalent of banging your head to The Sex Pistols whilst being surrounded by gymnasts in tight Lycra. It seems Mitchell tried desperately hard to achieve cult status for his film. Mixing absurdist sci-fi with an emerging music movement that swept good ol’ Croydon. Unfortunately he misses the mark. A punk enthusiast meets a mysterious girl at a party and only has a certain amount of time to introduce her to the world of punk rock. During that allotted time, a romance blossoms that would transcend space itself.

The underlying problem that polluted this well-intentioned project is the screenplay. Goslett failed to understand that the merging of two genres, especially one of them being a romance, relies on relatable and humanistic characters. Fanning, who I’m sure wasn’t acting in this (that’s just her normal self…), gets a pass for portraying a stellar extraterrestrial. Sharp on the other hand, well his character was a mess. No fault of his own. Mitchell tried divulging into his backstory, which was instantly forgettable, and failed to create a spark between the two leads. For the most part, there was no emotional resonance. It wasn’t until the final twenty minutes, when punk matriarch Kidman’s army of little punk rockers raid their contemporary “tourists” abode, that the tangible love started to stick. Too late I’m afraid. Was all too forced for my liking.

I do however admire Mitchell’s unique vision, almost reminiscent of Gilliam’s work, which suited the artistic aesthetic that was being exhumed. A wondrous experience that made me scratch my head whilst being hypnotised. Stupendous use of colour. Just a shame that its entirety doesn’t really stick, although undoubtedly will be viewed as an ambitious cult film in the future I’m sure. Admirably ambitious is the best description. Though Nicole Kidman, man, she would make a crazy rocker that’s for sure!

not enough fun nor weird enough

Enn (Alex Sharp) is a disaffected youth in late 70’s suburban London. He and his friends follow the local punk scene. He writes his zine and has trouble talking to girls. The boys crash a party after the club. They find the people there strange and Enn believes them to be a cult. Zan (Elle Fanning) decides to leave the group to find unique experiences with Enn. The group go to see advent-guard artist Queen Boadicea (Nicole Kidman).

This has some fun and some weirdness. The problem is that it doesn’t have quite enough fun nor enough weirdness. Director John Cameron Mitchell is best known for Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I did check out the Neil Gaiman graphic short story which has two regular dudes from an all-boys school and the story takes place mostly at that party. I’m sure Mitchell added the punk element which actually added color to the story. Elle Fanning is definitely a beauty which explains why Enn would tolerate her weirdness. The story should really take place over one night. That has the tendency to intensify the narrative. It would also allow Kidman to join the movie earlier. I only laughed once when the aliens blocked the hallway in formation. Otherwise, this is an odd little movie which fails to elevate.


It is London. Punk is all the rage.Enn finds himself with the gorgeous Zan, who seems to be a bit out of step with, well, everything. The reason for this, obviously is because she’s an alien. And she’s breaking the rules for this final stop on her group’s itinerary.

This is based on a Neil Gaiman story. I like Neil Gaiman. I like the idea. I like many of the cast, which includes Elle Macpherson, Nicole Kidman, Matt Lucas, and Ruth Wilson.

But I was completely out of tune with every second of this film. Not only did I not get it, I was thoroughly bored while I didn”t get it. I loved the title unfortunately, it didn’t seem to have anything to do with the film.