Man on High Heels (2014)

56% – Critics
56% – Audience

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Man on High Heels Movie Reviews

Absolutely loved it.

This movie makes my gay little heart very very happy. This one is especially a very good movie. I loved it because its captures very well the feeling and heartache of someone who was born in the wrong body.

I actually think its very rare for to find a movie this good created from an Asian entertainment industry. Movies like this doesn’t appealed much to mainstream audience. But its means the world to those that lives that life, a life that is not so easily accepted by society. I love every inch of the movie.

The movie captured the pain of what it meant to be different, and to hide it, and live a double life. To be put on a mask to the world, and to hide your real self behind close doors. To suffer silently and to struggled with one identity. It depicted these emotions very well. It showed how LGBT individual are bullied, self harmed, and hold self hatred. Its depicts a man torned between his life as a man, and his desired to be true to himself, and become a women.

One last thing, my favorite part of this movie is how it summed up a very special theme: We can’t change. This things are intrinsic to our very heart and soul. Our sexuality and our identity is every part that make us complete.

i hate this movie

Its so weird seeing how this movie can be related by many people. I guess movies are more life-like when it reminds you of yourself in a way? I felt the actor deeply unlike any other movie i watched, maybe being able to understand the actor makes it seem more relatable. Having the urge to transition and liking someone who you cant be with is something i faced/facing, the movies second half turned into positive where people respected her but then became negative just like how you want to transition but then theres things holding you back. Dispite having the money which wasint rightfully earned but he still couldnt transition just feels so sad, i so happy for her but the joy was so shortlived. I regret watching this movie cause of the ending, she didnt transition and dint follow her dreams, kinda reminds of me, ye i hate this movie, i absolutely hate it.

Stumbling a bit

The English title might be a bit of a spoiler if you will, but it might also prepare for what you are about to see. It’s a very strange movie, mixing drama and action in a way, most might not have seen before. It flourishes and cherishes some unique small moments (which are very funny to say the least). It’s moments that characters and especially mentality shine through in a big way.

The theme itself will not speak to a mainstream audience obviously, because of what the main characters goes through. Despite that, this is a really good movie, that does not shy away from it’s own subject matter and might leave viewers feel a bit uncomfortable too. Fight choreography is good