Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats (2014)

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Better than any other stand up I’ve seen

I’m not even a big fan of stand up, so when I ended up watching this, I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t like sitting and just watching someone walk around on stage for an hour talking, it’s usually very boring.

But I do like Chelsea Peretti, and I loved her humour, every bit of it, even if I didn’t laugh at every joke. Her stuff is easy to relate to, and when it’s not it’s still funny. And what made me really like this was that it sometimes broke the viewer’s train of thought by showing that clown or something else. It was really interesting and felt almost artistic in a way.

Maybe I haven’t seen much stand up, but this is way better than any other thing I’ve ever seen. I actually was able to sit through it and not feel like I was bored or try to start playing some solitaire while this playing on the background. So in short, great stuff, I warmly recommend this to anyone who feels like watching some stand up: Chelsea Peretti is excellent.

The funniest stand up routine I’ve ever seen.

Title of review. If you like silly Hilarous nonsense this is where it’s at. It’s so good.

With every minute

The hacks driving low ratings must have an ax to grind or wouldn’t know funny if it slapped them. Enjoy