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High school students Damien and Pierre are from wealthy families with nothing seemingly in their lives to leave them disturbed. Yet they plan and carry out the murder of an unknown woman they have previously only spotted on the street. The police are at a loss, confused by this murder without motive. Zoé, an optician in the neighborhood, who is feeling more and more moved by this inexplicable murder, bumps into the teenage murderers by chance. But this chance fleeting encounter reveals inside her a growing and mysterious desire. Although scared (she could easily be a victim of Damien and Pierre), her erotic attraction for the duo goes beyond that. It gives her a chance to find a way out of the loveless rut that her life has ended up in. While Damien and Pierre, thinking no one will catch them, embark on a journey deep within their pasts.

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Needs further explanation

“Fever” tells the story of two school boys who, out of nowhere, decide to murder a random woman they never met before. The crime leaves the neighborhood shaken and the two boys in problems to make sense of their own actions.

I really like the general idea behind the film and I think that there is a lot of potential to make a great story out of it. Unfortunately this film comes with both philosophical theories that don’t always add up in my opinion and an increasing amount of insanity that makes it quite hard to still follow the plot and emphasize with the characters. The production looks valuable and I do get the feeling that a lot of thought was put into this work but nonetheless I think that a more clean and in a way brutal approach would have benefitted the movie.

All in all this is still a film based on a very interesting idea and very professionally carried out. However it wastes some potential by shifting the focus away from the general concept to sometimes very strange dialogues and metaphors.

Teach me the Literature

The film revolves around two high school boys Damien and Pierre, two high school boys who enter into the film after they plan and murder a unknown woman who they have previously spotted on the street. We soon come to terms that it is not about the crime as much as it is about it. The two boys get paranoid at different times. They submerge themselves into research of Maurice Papon, Adolf Eichman and their ancestry. Another character Zoe in the film gives the director and us a different perspective after running into boys, she suspects them of the crime but rather than turning them in she spirals into an identity crisis and grows fond of mysterious desires. Alice Snow’s version of the song Fever is a Exclamation of the feelings boiling over. The director chooses a way less traveled, taking away from murder and dealing with its character effects runs risks of putting off the audience, even the strong literary themes and opinions tend to get lost in translation if you don’t understand French and Literature. The film also plays a humming playful score along a serious concentrated drama much like the theme of the film. Justice doesn’t apply, at least practically but is served emotionally in heaps and bounds with an exclamation by the boys weeping emotionally in their literary class. The up and down film doesn’t decide or even help you decide between morality, evil and innocence.