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With their reputation preceding them after accomplishing an impossible feat in Serial Teachers (2013), the famous teachers of Jules Ferry High School find themselves in the most prestigious high school in the United Kingdom along with layabout, Boulard. Now, by order of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the extraordinary French tutors embark on a sensitive, top-secret mission to help her teenage granddaughter, Princess Vivienne, become a worthy member of the British monarchy. However, this time, the stakes are even higher. Will the unconventional methods of France’s worst teachers work?—Nick Riganas

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The original movie was better Pointless movie , and the biggest problem is the lack of a solid plot , a good script Awful movie , unfunny , and boring …


Les Profs 2 from French director Pierre-François Martin Laval tells the story of the worst teachers of France going on a secret mission to England with favorite French student Boulard (Kev Adams). They end up in the best school of the Kingdom.

The movie is actually not that bad. If the first movie “Les Profs” was focusing on the actual teachers, “Les Profs 2” focuses more on Boulard and the students of his classroom. For one hour and the half we follow Boulard and the teachers trying to make the most out of their year in England. The cultural shock they experience is what brings most of the laughter.

Shot in Belgium and England, the film has an impressive number of different sets. The beauty of the scenery adds a nice French touch to England.

It is important to note that this is a comedy for children and teenagers. Adults won’t enjoy it as much as their kids. Hint: if you want 90 minutes of calm, put your kids in front of this movie. They will love it.