The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale (2014)

  • Year: 2014
  • Released: 25 Feb 2014
  • Country: USA, India, South Korea
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: PG
  • Genre: Animation, Family, Fantasy, Musical
  • Runtime: 79 min
  • Writer: Brian Nissen (characters), Brian Nissen (screenplay), Richard Rich (characters), Richard Rich (story)
  • Director: Richard Rich
  • Cast: James Arrington, Laura Bailey, Joel Bishop, Joel Bishop
  • Keywords: prince, kingdom, musical, turtle, princess, sequel,
50% – Critics
66% – Audience

The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale Storyline

Echoing the breath-taking adventure of Toy Story and the dramatic feel of The Rescuers Down Under, THE SWAN PRINCESS: A ROYAL FAMILY TALE is a sheer excitement with teamwork, comedy, and heart. Join Princess Odette, Prince Derek and all their friends in a brand-new adventure with some new faces.The adventure and excitement begins when Prince Derek and Princess Odette are expecting a child. Soon, they adopt Alise, a girl whom the Forbidden Arts orphaned and who is becoming part of the Royal Family. When Alise is kidnapped by the dastardly Scullions, it’s up to Prince Derek and Princess Odette to join forces with their new friend Scully, save the day and the girl and destroy the Forbidden Arts as well, but what is the secret of the glowing stone? And what do our heroes know about the legend of The Swan Princess?All the answers will be revealed in this brand-new film as part of The Swan Princess Collection. THE SWAN PRINCESS: A ROYAL FAMILY TALE is a must-see for the whole family.

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The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale Movie Reviews

A big royal mess but marginally better than Swan Princess Christmas

Of the Swan Princess films, the best one is by far the first one which I still find an enjoyable film now. The following sequels Secret of the Castle and Mystery of the Enchanted Kingdom were not great and had a fair bit wrong with them but had components too that made them watchable. The Swan Princess Christmas was hugely disappointing and a terrible film in general, it looked bad when advertised and the film was even worse. A Royal Family Tale is a marginal improvement over that film but was a big mess still, the only that works really is that the chemistry between Odette and Alise has moments where it’s sweet, the scene with them in Alise’s room in the castle is actually quite touching.

The animation is not as horrendous as it was in Swan Princess Christmas but is still very bad, with the blocky character movements, at times creepy facial expressions, backgrounds that make plastic feel like they have more life and the incredibly flat colours it constantly looked like an outdated video game with no fluidity, vibrancy or detail. The music- like Christmas- makes no effort to be true to the style of the original film, something that the first two sequels did try to do, the incidental music doesn’t always flow or fit, is sometimes paced ploddingly and has a real habit of drowning out the dialogue. And there is a very rushed-sounding and unnecessary song that is also immediately unmemorable and badly sung. The dialogue is really stilted with the few comedic moments sounding forced, the “touching” parts sounding cloying and the darker parts being confusingly written and at worst potentially traumatising.

None of the characters are interesting or likable apart from Odette, who may have lost her feistiness but shows a very admirable caring side. Derek is as wet as a drip(just as he was in the previous outings but he is at his blandest); Alise apart from that one scene with Odette is too sickly sweet; Uberta for the very first time is annoying; Rodgers, Speed and Puffin have next to nothing to do; the squirrels are over-used and Royal Family Tale has by far the worst villain of the entire Swan Princess series. Of Odette’s three animal sidekicks the only one to get a halfway-decent amount of screen-time is Jean-Bob and even he is at his least funniest. The voice acting is all over the place mostly, Ellie Deets is quite good but the rest either over-compensate or sound bored, Ben 10’s Yuri Lowenthal is the most recognisable name but doesn’t offer that much enthusiasm.

But it is the complete jumble that passes for a story where Royal Family Tale falls down most upon. The adoptive daughter subplot was such an accessible idea and could have been really sweet but was well and truly bland as a result of being completely drowned in the use of way too much false prophesising, peril and mythology that only succeeded in convoluting the story, as well as ploddingly paced scenes that lead to nowhere and don’t have any relevance to the story. Essentially it is a paper thin story conceptually that also tries to do too much to make up for it and ends up feeling very muddled and almost incoherent in places. There is a real sense too that the film wasn’t entirely sure what to do with itself or as to what the target audience, from where I’m standing much of it will go over the heads of children and adults will find it too dumbed down for them. Overall, The Swan Princess A Royal Family Tree is a marginal improvement over The Swan Princess Christmas but it’s still a big royal mess(pardon the pun). 2/10 Bethany Cox

Doesn’t have the same charm as the original trilogy.

The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale just doesn’t have the same charm as the original Swan Princess trilogy. It all went downhill when they upgraded to CGI animation. Sometimes modern animation techniques can hurt a movie if it looks like the animators weren’t even trying which is what happened here. Aside from the animation the story is not bad. I would describe it as cute but there isn’t too much substance or emotion. There were a few moments when the characters seemed to behave a little insensitively which seemed unnatural but it wasn’t a big issue.

I also found it rather odd that they would break out in song at the weirdest moments. Sometimes you wouldn’t have a song for ages and then all of a sudden you would have 3 in a row. Everything screamed lack of passion and laziness. It’s a shame because The Swan Princess has such a legacy and the new instalments have lost what made them special.

Way Below The Level To Be Even Called Worth Watchable

I think i have said it right it summary area this film is below the level to be even called worth watchable or average when you make a low budget film there are certain rules of it too one rule is to be very careful on the project as you don’t have much money to waste on promotion,voice actors and to afford better animation,this film is one of the fourth or fifth sequel to a 1994 film the swan princess i haven’t seen that film but that film was largely appreciated worldwide at that time but the director Richard rich keeps on making sequels and the result is in front of us.

The Plot:prince Derek and princess Odette adopts a girl she goes missing and gets kidnapped by squirrels now both the prince and princess must save her.

I cant talk about voice acting because you will hear almost nothing good from the actors as the loud music overshadows the dialogs,there is plenty of awful shaky animation and weird story if you have not see the original better watch it and avoid all sequels it will change your taste for animation i got tricked into watching this and believe me it is an absolute waste of time i am a 24 years old guy who likes good films even cartoons i am not comparing this to Disney and Pixar anyway this film could have been nice but all efforts are wasted may i ask why was this film even made.

Overall The Swan Princess:A Royal Family Tale 2014 is a solid mess i had a real bad experience watching it i have seen plenty of bad films since late 90s but this is beyond my brain my rating is 2/10:skipp it