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Sang-Hyun, who lost his wife, lives with his daughter Soo-Jin. One day, Soo-Jin is raped and murdered. Frustrated by the lack of progress in his daughter’s case, Sang-Hyun gets a mysterious hint by an unknown voice. He learns the identity of the two men who killed his daughter and the address of one of those two men. Sang-Hyun then goes to the home of that man and finds some evidence. Full of anger he kills the murderer. The father is now a fugitive and searched by the police while hunting down the other killer on himself.—Anonymus

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Broken Review: Another excellent revenge film from South Korea.

Movie: Broken (18)

Rating: 4.75/5

The film is as good as most South Korean films are. But what makes it different from usual revenge films is the treatment and portrayal of emotions. In the beginning you might feel the film is like usual revenge films but as it proceeds with the storytelling, you find it is NOT. Jung Jae-young, who left me highly impressed in CONFESSION OF MURDER, does another great job here as he’s highly impressive in the act he delivers. He’s the soul of the film and he fully realizes it.

The film has great visuals at the same time. The thrills work big time, and the action sequences impress. The editing is excellent, as the film never bores. The message delivered by the film is felt well. Kudos to the director for portraying the brutal reality of the society well.

BROKEN is a film which not only entertains, but also leaves you broken especially towards the end.

Depressing and emotional, but narrow and predictable

This movie was a bit stale for me. The constant focus on the emotionally dark, bleak and nasty parts of the world when involving the loss of a loved one is getting a bit old. Especially when it comes to Korean films, which focuses on the dark side of things in a lot of cases. Watching this movie was like watching a rehash of other Korean movies that deals with vengeance and the loss of a loved one. It has been done so many times, I lost count of it. And there is almost nothing that makes this one stand out from the rest. Yes, I did have empathy towards the father that lost his daughter to sadistic teenagers. And yes, I did like the message about how messed up it is how certain criminals will get off with basically a tap on the wrist. Also how it gives a message about teenage deliquency. However not only did movie started to get really tedious, it really seemed to drag like really bad after the first 1 and 30 minutes. It’s like they were trying really hard to make this movie at least 2 hours long (which is not a good thing). Again the directing is well done and it does get emotional near the end because of the sense of empathy you will feel towards the father of this story. But it all seemed so rehashed and narrow.


The vengeance of a devastated father

South Korean trademark genre “Revenge Thriller” is back with Jeong-ho Lee’s “Broken” based on the novel by Japanese novelist Keigo Higashino.

A widowed father Lee Sang Hyeon (Jeong Jae Yeong) is seeking vengeance after her only daughter is raped and murdered. He is utterly disgruntled by ineptitude of police until he finds a clue about the murderers, he takes the law in his own hands and kills one of the murderers. Now he becomes a fugitive and detective Eok-Gwan (Lee Sung-Min) is in his pursuit. Broken is a carefully crafted film with gloomy and revolting notions. It raises questions about juvenile felony and adult crimes. It rather blemishes of Korean law regarding juvenile delinquency. Is it veracious to kill minors who are involved in heinous crimes because Korean Law does not have a rigorous imprisonment system of minors? We can hear a lot of conversations in the movie regarding the moral or ethical verdict.

“Broken” unveils many contemporary concerns: adolescent bullying in schools, teenage prostitution and incompetent judiciary system. Jeong-ho Lee makes you embroil up with the characters and their dilemma is felt in every manner. The begrimed mood goes very well with immaculate cinematography.

The actors are perfect in their roles; every character has been played with utmost solemnity. Lee Sang Hyeon gives a stunning performance as a devastated and unforgiving father.

“Broken” is a thoughtful look at vehemence and violence with use of definitive elements of film-making.

My Vote 7.5/10