Blood Is Blood (2016)

40% – Audience

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A young girl seeks revenge after an unexpected death, while the world around her unravels revealing horrifying secrets about her life and family.

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Blood Is Blood Movie Reviews

Possibly Best Horror Movie On Amazon Prime

I pretty much only watch horror movies and this quickly became one of my favorites on both Amazon and Netflix. I liked it so much, I made my best friend, who also loves horror, watch it. It’s one of the few horror movies we agree on. No way you can figure this out until the end. I watched this twice already and am still picking up on things I missed the first time I watched.

Creative, twisted thriller

Surrounding 4 affluent siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters, the story starts at the engagement party for the oldest brother, Crew. At the end of the night, the two sisters are attacked on the patio. Forcing Brie to defend herself and her sister by killing the masked attacker. The identity of the attacker is too much for Brie to bear and she is committed to a mental hospital. When her sister visits, Brie says she’s seen the hooded attacker again. Knowing the attacker is dead, Brie’s sister is convinced she’s hallucinating until she is also visited by the attacker. As they try to unravel who is stalking them, they are forced to confront some very dark and deadly family secrets involving all 4 of them.

terrible horrible movie a horror movie

Please start to create the minus -10 . Low cheap budget movie, no actors, dialogue by force, no production, no director, this is a cheap low budget movie made by a bunch of neighbors in California, no story no history, nothing, no FX nothing, really terrible movie no waste your time download this horrible terrible movie. For sure the good comments are the families and neighbors of the kids and the poor producer and director. This people and his director must be ban to produce or make another domestic VHS home movie.No real story,