The Lockerbie Bombing (2013)


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On a December night in 1988, just days before Christmas, one of the worst air disasters in history occurred over Scotland. Pan Am Flight 103, carrying 259 passengers and crew, exploded at 31,000 feet. It fell to Earth in large, fiery sections across the sleepy, hillside town of Lockerbie. Witness the aftermath of a tragedy that shocked the world and changed a small town forever. Watch rare footage, much of which has never been broadcast before, and hear stories from those who were there and those whose lives were forever torn apart.

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Very moving and well done documentary.

This documentary primarily focuses on the how the crash affected locals and the families of the victims. It briefly discusses the investigation but that is a minor point in this show. It is hard not to shed a tear while listening to their stories and the and their descriptions of the grief that each suffered, personally.


For example, how a kind woman of Lockerbie is told by authorities that bodies were discovered in her yard and how her gentle heart told her to place Christmas roses from her own garden alongside those victims.

Another is a priest whose mother was visiting for Christmas. He describes his genuine pain for the victims and how he could not even perform mass.

How one woman at the airport in NYC – upon hearing the news that her daughter’s plane crashed and there were no survivors – was filled with such grief that she fell to the floor and onlookers callously took photos of her.

One family describes how they were surrounded by friends after their loss, but were alone at Christmas and how they realized that the loss was theirs alone.


This documentary is truly a must see. We can learn lessons on selflessness, grief and so many others by listening carefully to their accounts and I highly recommend it.