Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission (2013)

41% – Critics
41% – Audience

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Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission Movie Reviews

Nostalgic values

It’s worth watching just for the reason to see Gon and his friends one more time even though it’s couldn’t reach the high Standarts the show set.

Not bad, actually

No idea of why is everyone is hating this movie, but I personally think it was actually good.

I actually enjoyed it even more than Phantom Rouge.

Sure, the plot was “predictable” and “didn’t subvert our expectations” (Honestly, a somewhat silly complaint, Hunter x Hunter isn’t a Shyamalan movie that needs to have a “twist” by force, the whole “deconstructive” narrative is getting tedious)

Animation wise, it was fine. I found more visually appealing than the previous movie. Sure, it does not reach the level of the 1999 series, but it was still good.)

Some plot elements kinda reminded me (in a good way) the Dragon Ball Z movie Bojack Unbound. Considering how much Dragon Ball influenced Togashi, perhaps it was intended as an homage.

The Deus ex machina resolution felt like a tribute to the “Wrath of the Dragon” Dragon Ball Z movie.

This wasn’t nowhere as bad as some reviews written here suggest.

very very disappointing !

It was a textbook shonen: kindness trumps evil, friendship fixes anything, stupid power boosts with no consequences blah blah blah (look at what happened to Gon in the Ant arc). Even though madhouse animated the movie it looked…. wrong in some places, I cant explain it, it just looked funny… It’s clear the movies had lower production value than the anime because the fight scenes didn’t look balanced, they pulled powers out of their ass and it seems that the floor masters should be these incredible fighters that even Hisoka fears (or gets off to, depends)and should be built up to more than this. Overall I didn’t like it, its so not HxH, its what hxH would be if Madhouse made filler if they were to continue the anime while the manga goes on.