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“Climate: The Movie” highlights a different perspective on the climate change debate and is supported by scientists who have signed the Clintel’s World Climate Declaration. This group of researchers seeks to present an alternative narrative in the face of the dominant discourse.—Jakkepoes

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An eye-opening film based on real knowledge

Sensational video showing what the state of the Earth’s climate really is. Scientists, Nobel laureates, climate researchers, astrophysicists describe what is really happening, and what is our real threat. The best of it is that they are independent of the government, of grants, of the mercy of the media. A true picture of the “climate fight” on many levels.

For me, often shocking, because I remember the days of Stalinism in my country. Back then, the science of Marxism-Leninism was undeniable, where there were chairs at universities, tons of books were published, and conventions were bigger than today’s WEF or COP. And you could end up in a labor camp if you challenged the dogmas of this “science.” I highly recommend this film.

REAL experts who aren’t afraid to present evidence

You’ll notice that most of the experts are long in the tooth. These people have won their awards and established their reputations over decades. They are not afraid to speak out. They have no grants to worry about. Their only goal is to defend science itself. Climate Change alarmism is entwined with computer models – virtually none of which can duplicate the past and have been PROVEN to over-estimate any warming in the future. This movie summarixzes REAL science and what REAL Climate Change is all about.

The only “deniers” are those who REFUSE to even CONSIDER that maybe, just maybe – humans are just not that important in the complicated melange of Climate Change.

Such an important documentary

I know you all have lots of demands for your time but this really is an excellent film all about the Green scam.

I’m always looking for concise and precise documentaries on subjects that I can say to people ‘if you watch one documentary on a subject, then watch this’ and this one is that.

It uses amazing data to showcase the lunacy and then has a brace of bona fide scientific experts dismantling the clearly fake agenda behind this tiresome charade.

It’s very well produced and really hits all of the key points from the vested interests to the politics to the corruption.

Please for the love of this planet and your fredoms, give this a watch and provide your mind with an alternative opinion to consider.