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Overly regimented and risk-averse San Francisco-based Madeline Zekko is planning her and her fiancé Jason Reid’s honeymoon to Niagara Falls to take place in five weeks time, Madeline not leaving a second free in the itinerary in wanting to recreate her grandparents’ love story there. Instead, Jason, who wants some spontaneity in life and accusing Madeline of not having a spontaneous bone in her body, breaks up with her. Madeline’s divorced sister Harley is ultimately able to convince Madeline to take that pre-paid, non-refundable honeymoon trip with her to show Jason that she can indeed be spontaneous. When Madeline and Harley arrive at the tour company’s office on their second day in Niagara Falls, Madeline is dismayed to see that their tour guide for the week Mike Hollis, the man with who she had a less than pleasant encounter the day before. With Mike’s boss and best friend Emily Henley unable to take over Madeline’s tours in working on her own tours for her brother Keegan’s best friend Phil and his fiancée Beth who will be getting married at the end of the week, Emily is able to convince both Madeline and Mike to give going on the tours together a try. Mike is further able to convince Madeline to change the itinerary somewhat to incorporate adventure activities, Mike’s preferred ones as opposed to the plethora of romance tours that are their bread and butter, again to demonstrate to Jason that she is not totally stuck in her box. In the process with Mike opening up about his two year heartache in who he thought was the one leaving him, Madeline and Mike see a different side of the other as they start to fall for each other, Phil and Beth who end up being a sounding board in being able to provide some insight into why their relationship works. A kink in Madeline opening herself up fully to Mike is Jason, for who she went through the motions of this faux honeymoon.—Huggo

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Falling in Love in Niagara Movie Reviews

That girl can wear blue jeans!

Jocelyn Hudon is just incredibly alluring here. And not just her blue jeans. She fills out her top more than most Hallmark heroines. I can’t overstate just how incredible this woman looks. Her acting skills? Who cares?

Basically, like many Hallmark movies, they picked a location and applied one of their ten scripts to it.

The real star here is the Niagra Falls travelogue. The characters bounce from one tourist attraction to another. And there’s great footage of the Falls. And look for the cameramen in the boat ride. Apparently they couldn’t hide them.

Oh, and the sister is pretty too. The leading man? More boring than oatmeal.

Eccentric woman revisited

7.8 stars.

A quirky woman gets dumped 5 weeks before her wedding and is persuaded to go on her honeymoon anyway; but instead of going with her fiance, she lets her older sister tag along. While in Niagara, she ends up falling in love with a man who is dealing with his own emotional baggage. They don’t get along at first (go figure), but eventually she warms up to him in spite of his standoffishness, and he tolerates her eccentricities. He is a tour guide who likes to be spontaneous, and he helps her be more impulsive and adventurous (she likes to make lists). She doesn’t realize what a catch she actually is, because her fiance has belittled her for too long.

Hallmark finds it fascinating to paint a picture of a stunningly gorgeous and sophisticated woman as being nutty and unorthodox (she is somewhat of a control freak). No wonder her fiance has had enough. Although the actress makes the character totally endearing, a real person would make anyone crazy after a few years.

This is not how life works. We don’t find women like this exhibiting these particular traits. It just doesn’t mesh with reality. And then she meets a fun-loving and insanely good looking man, but he’s just a defeated and disheveled shell? Again, it doesn’t ring true, at least, not in the sort of environment or circumstances portrayed in this film.

Unfortunately, this installment of the Hallmark universe (I think this is Hallmark) is so eerily similar to so many forerunners of its kind. Frankly, I think they were foaming at the mouth to film in Niagara falls. I can only imagine it’s probably one of the most expensive locations in the world for permits. I’m betting it was all filmed in the Canadian section. I know the skywheel is in Canada (online maps show it in Canada), but for the rest of the footage, it’s all conjecture.

But whatever, I like the actors, because they were all charismatic and entertaining.

A sweet romance with a fun plot

I have only seen a couple of Jocelyn Hudson’s movies but she’s different than some of the other Hallmark leading ladies. She’s cute, pretty and funny. I didn’t know that her costar Dan Jeanette was on one of my favorite tv series, Star Trek:Strange New Worlds. He’s very cute and funny too. Great hair. These two made an adorable couple with a lot of chemistry. Several kisses not just one at the end. The movie took place at and around Niagara Falls. Beautiful location. She left a fiancé behind that dumped her 5wks before their wedding and who was self absorbed and didn’t appreciate her and didn’t bring out the best in her. She decided to take her honeymoon with her sister at Niagara Falls to visit the places her grandma told her about and to be more spontaneous. She met a tour guide who helped her come out of her “practical” shell and to face her fears and to be fun and adventurous. They had an exciting time together. He even wrote her a love song. She and her sister made some nice new friends, attended a wedding. The movie was very romantic. Not so many obstacles came between them. Just her ex fiancé. This is one of those movies I will watch over and over. It’s of course a Hallmark movie with the happy ending which brings us all comfort unlike some other movie genres. It was a feel good movie and I believe most Hallmark fans will enjoy it.