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Twelve years ago, Ray left town after his childhood sweetheart, Alice, dumped him, taking their daughter away from him. Now he must return home at the request of his ailing father, who wishes to see his granddaughter before it’s too late. But things take a turn for the absurd when Ray realises his daughter and her mother have built a new life with his former P.E. teacher, a controlling and regimented figure who is the direct opposite of Ray. Set in an affluent suburb in south County Dublin, this offbeat comedy and unconventional love story delights in the hilarity of everyday life.—Anonymous

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A sweet and funny movie

I loved this movie. The story is a simple one. But the way it is presented and performed makes this movie really shine.

The cast is perfect. I didn’t watch GoT yet so I can say without any bias that Maisie Williams is a great young actress. Her performance of a teenager trying to live up to the expectations of her stepfather is absolutely great. Other main actors James Nesbitt, David Wilmot and Kerry Condon never disappoint as well.

Somehow we see them all with their faults and yet it is hard not to like them. They are truly presented as complex humans. We can see how Ray and Frank both love their daughter but in different ways want what is the best for her.

It also has some nice dialogues. Like the first conversation of Frank and Ray as well as the one about what he did before. Watching the relationship between Ray and Abbie grow was also great. I was crying when he leaves and when she came to visit him.

It isn’t just a comedy, there is a lot of tragedy in it but it is presented in a not very tough and lighter way. Some moments are very comical. Mainly Frank’s videos, they were hilarious.

I really liked this movie

i surprisingly had a good time! The cinematics are good, humour was quite on point and it had a great moral in the movie. Some might argue that the movie came a little bit too late, but i tend to disagree. My friend remembered the main characters and was happy to see them.

I really enjoyed it and the story was very good.

+Surprisingly charming

+Voice talent

Overall though I liked it since Gold is my favourite genre of all time. Yes folks I am a 25 year old woman with no children and I love this movies so what.

I am giving this an 10/10 star !

Incredibly entertaining, with plenty of character, a multitude of laughs, and lessons on growing up

Similar to other titles that aim to deliver messages regarding life’s journey, maturity, redemption and moving forward, the exception with Gold, is this particular feature entertainingly provides substance and enjoyment, with a conclusion that is not only believable, but feels as though a continuing story exists after the credits start to roll.

The always engrossing Maisie Williams shines in this dramatic comedy as Abby, delivering a performance that is as honest and sympathetic, as it is charming and angst-y.

During the feature, each of the central characters are fueled by their own motivations and agendas, and Abby is no different. Under the guidance of her step father Frank (James Nesbitt), whose goal is to develop a successful athletic strategy, Abby wishes to make her family proud by earning gold on the track. On the other hand though, Alice (Kerry Condon), Abby’s mother, is the least developed character, with little emphasis on her driving influences.

These hopes and dreams the family shares are strained by the arrival of Abby’s biological father Ray (David Wilmot), whose original intentions are to attend to family matters. Despite his age, Ray is yet to realize the ramifications his actions can potentially cause, especially with regards to Abby. The influence he can occasionally have on her is not only negative, but destructive, as both their lives begin to share a sense of overlapping symmetry.

This inevitably leads to a series of confrontations, that are as truthfully portrayed as they often are hilarious. By incorporating these scenarios, the film touches on issues that affect the lives of adolescents and adults alike, and moreover illustrates how families not only cope, but try to move forward.

Although Ray is, in all likelihood, designed to be a sympathetic character, I was unable to feel any sympathy for him. This was not influenced by Wilmot’s performance, who effectively constructed an individual whose life has taken a turn for the worse, but due to the character’s complete lack of responsibility, alongside his inability to help others, including himself.

Sweet, thought provoking and brimming with talent, Gold is the perfect film to watch either on your own, or alongside friends and family (although it should be noted that profanities do make an appearance).