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JOSE STERN — formerly Joseph Stern, until he discovered he was 1/8th Mexican — is on the precipice of turning 40. Going on 75. He and his band, The Borges, have been relegated to playing childrens’ birthday parties. He was always a little miserable. Now he’s very miserable. Thankfully, he has in essence the perfect woman to balance him. DUSTY, his fiance, is a warm, beautiful, laid back, supportive, veterinarian. She is the Yin to his Yang. That is, until she discovers a old secret of Jose and kicks him out and into the warm bosom of his falling-apart-at-the-seams-married-with-children friends’ home , where he spends the rest of film seeking counsel from his burnt out friends, dates an insane ex-girlfriend, and sorts through his past, all in an effort to find himself… and perhaps Dusty.—anonymous

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No Way Jose Movie Reviews

Jose — go away

Flop is the first word I thought after seeing this movie.

Honestly I’m at a lose for words because Jose the main character in this story went from frustrated over aged rocker wannabe, to child molester, to chronic psychological neck pain patient, to inhibited boyfriend, to just a lot of talk with his fellow frustrated over aged rocker wannabe’s.

And then the constant news feed of crime and violence in Mexico where Jose and his former but still attached girlfriend wanted to go for their honeymoon but she kicked him out because she discovered a long ago ‘mistake’ Jose got in trouble doing, and what was the purpose of the half-sister, and the pool woman?

The movie is like a balled up tangled string and all of Jose antics and talking can’t undo the knots.

Not Funny

I’m sorry to say, as some reviewers have already noted, there is very little to laugh at in this Adam Goldberg led indie. It seemed like between the ad-libbing and inside jokes by the cast that they were probably having a better time than the rest of us.

Goldberg, who directed here and co-wrote the script with Sarah Kate Levy, stars as Jose Stern, a neurotic guy having all kinds of problems with past and present female relationships, as well as a career as a singer-songwriter that’s now relegated him to entertaining at children’s birthday parties.

One positive was that I thought Anna Belknap gave a strong performance as the highly intense Kate, wife of Jose’s former band-mate Gabe. Also, in a bit part at the end of the movie, I thought the clown, portrayed by Steve Agee, was funny.

In summary, for me, there was more annoyance than laughter here, plus I thought the ending was just an “in your face cop-out” to the viewer.

Not nearly as humorous, or as clever, as Goldberg thinks it is!

‘NO WAY JOSE’: Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Adam Goldberg wrote, co-produced, directed and stars in this indie dark comedy flick. It was made on a budget of just $1 million and tells the story of a struggling musician, who’s dumped by his fiancé; because she discovers a dark secret from his past. The film co-stars Ahna O’Reilly, Eric Siegel, Anna Belknap, Gillian Jacobs and Pat Healy. The material is not nearly as humorous, or as clever, as Goldberg thinks it is!

Jose Stern (Goldberg) is a 39-year-old musician, who’s rock band can only get gigs at children’s’ parties. He’s about to turn 40 and also wed his longtime girlfriend, Dusty (O’Reilly). While the two are in bed together, one night, Dusty learns a dark secret from Jose’s past. What’s worse though, is that he’s been lying to her about it (since they met). So she dumps him, and kicks him out of their place. Jose sinks into even greater depression; and harasses his friends about it (Siegel and Belknap), while crashing on their couch.

I think I used to like Adam Goldberg, once upon a time, but now I think he’s just annoying (in this film at least). He reminds me a little of Jay Baruchel; but Baruchel is much more gifted (and funny). This movie is kind of a pain to watch, if you feel the way that I do about Goldberg. His directing isn’t bad, and he’s still an OK actor, but his idea of comedy just doesn’t work anymore.

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