Tig Notaro: Hello Again (2024)

58% – Critics
58% – Audience

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*Just simple and honest sharing, with an original twist on observational humour*

There are only a few stand-up comedy shows a year that get my attention… Tig’s unique brand of humour is a breath of fresh air amongst an endless stream of crass, loud, vulgur, reach for the low-hanging fruit type of comedians. I love the slow pace and build up to her humorous storytelling, which leaves me smiling and chuckling the whole way through. Honestly, she is so talented and has clearly honed her skills in the art of stand-up comedy. I wish there were more people like her that were brave enough to authentically relate the humour in their life’s journey. No need to resort to vulgarity, shock value or a constant need to offend other people. Just simple and honest sharing, with an original twist on observational humour. I absolutely loved this comedy special and highly recommend it! Thanks for the laughs and smiles, Tig! 🙂

When does it become funny?

I loved Trig’s Commander Jett Reno character in Star Trek: Discovery, so my expectations were high when I watched this.

I sat patiently, waiting for her to be funny and had to conclude that the laughter of the audience was due to the expectation that all things ‘non-binary’ must be appreciated and applauded.

Trig bears no relationship to Jett Reno, that could be because others have written the material so it was easy to build a context in which Trig’s deadpan approach to life could be appreciated.

Standing on that stage, relaying one medical incident after another was painful to watch and I was waiting for something to be funny – nothing was.

I really wanted it to be funny; I was waiting for it to become funny; I love deadpan humour – it never did.

I felt the audience only found it funny because they didn’t want to be cancelled in this world where diversity is so much more important than meritocracy.

Trig used every diversity hook in the book, but nothing gelled; nothing was really funny.

I can’t wait to see Trig as Reno in the next series of Discovery but I won’t be indulging in any more stand up.