The Truth vs. Alex Jones (2024)

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So about this one…

I can’t really remark on this documentary objectively – I find Alex Jones so entirely repugnant that it clouds my objectivity – I view this documentary through a lens that’s so biased that I can’t be neutral – HOWEVER what I am very appreciative for and about and what I wish to remark on, is how they never named the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary – obviously I feel that one of the main motivations is notariety and I wish that he never be named or remembered or connected to the lives of those children and educators – so for that alone Im appreciative. My ONLY wish is for it to have simply not happened at all, and of course not to be denied by someone like Alex Jones (or anyone)

i swatched of…

Alex jones info wars as fast as i had misthreaded into his sphere searching on internet and heard his theories in the years after 9/11, when i was looking for more stuff on this issue….

this is a very very mad mans world, where goebbels and molotov and doctor ho and chairman mao would be lilliputs compared to what weapons of control his mission uses.

Ill consider this case vs doctor jones as one of the most important ones in USA in this century, but still its not enough. Howcome this madmans war against common sense ,havent turned him into a shakcled and lockedup prisoner ,for crimes on the human mind…

i shall say no more than bless you all people that have gone through the hardships of schoolshootings and senseless killings of children over the past 70 years, youre my inspiration , cause youre the voice of understanding ,and hope in a voulcherous future to come. A film you must see, feel and reverberate yourself into, because otherwise life will not be like it used to be.a recommend from the grumpy old man.

Alex Jones?????

Who the heck is Alex Jones???

I’m from the East Coast, near Sandy Hook, CT and Boston, MA. I know some of the victims families.

Alex Jones and his denial of the horrific school shooting and killing of innocent children that took place in Sandy Hook, and his aggressiveness towards the victims families reminds me of the parents / mother of the brothers who set off the bombs during the Boston Marathon.

The mother of the bombers immediately went onto their news station- (whatever country their family was from), and denied the whole Boston Marathon bombing, and that our news- the USA news had used fake blood.

Alex has the same type of nonsensical thinking, and I’m so glad I never heard of Alex Jones before watching this, and I will never think of Alex Jones again after this post.

Honestly, where the heck does this delusional person get his viewers?

Who are his viewers?

I almost wonder if he has an IT guy who can turn 1 view into 10,000 views. I definitely know that is possible.