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Amanda Raymond moved back to her family’s flower farm after her father Craig Raymond’s passing a year ago. That milestone not only was to help her mother Grace Raymond run the farm, but led to her turning her back on the church for God taking her father away from them. Amanda and Grace are facing problems this Easter season, one of their most economically profitable seasons of the year, with the unseasonable cold weather meaning no flowers yet. Behind on the mortgage payment, they are at risk of losing the farm, Craig’s legacy. While Craig was the floral designer in the family, Amanda, who has no training or natural ability at such, works toward a Hail Mary in planning to enter the annual Easter statewide flower arranging competition, the $20,000 first prize which would tie them over financially. The only reason why Amanda is considering it is because Lori Matthews, a trained now retired florist who has just moved to town and who Amanda helped out of a bind in their first meeting, has offered to be her teacher. Many of Lori’s lessons take them away from the floral table, sometimes to the church where her son Derrick Matthews is the new pastor, that initial entrance back into the church still being a painful one for Amanda. Both Lori and Derrick are facing their own demons, one which Lori may have to face in moving to town, and one Derrick has run away from in moving to town. In the process of the floral competition, their collective issues may come to a head as Amanda and Derrick start to fall for each other.—Huggo

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It took a herculean effort for me to get to the 55 minute mark. I’ve always found Aimee Teegarden’s performances to be a hit or miss.

In being enjoyable. Right off the bat her younger self at about 12 years old (by another child actress) is shown. Then it flashes forward 15 years to the present day. Aimee looks closer to 40 years old,than the 27 year- old her character was supposed to be.

The love story was blah. I have to say I think the last two months of new Hallmark movies have been sub-par!

I wonder if this has anything to do with a bunch of Hallmark actors and actresses jumping ship for GAF?

Should come with warning…

Church, God and prayers all the time. It was almost offensive to non-Christians.

I understand, Easter is a Christian holiday, but it is also a spring holiday. Too bad we didn’t see anything except the Church. So a big disappointment on my end.

The story line about the pastor, who likes adrenaline and is ashamed of it, was downright ridiculous.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many good Hallmark movies this season. I’m waiting for a new episode of Curious Caterer and hope it gets better.

Maybe the Church, God and prayers will help. I am sorry, but I felt really akward to watch tis movie and almost could not finish.

Generic and sad

7.4 stars.

A woman and her mother are about to lose their flower farm. They need an early spring for any chance of saving it. The father and husband passed away last year. The woman needs money in order to save the farm, and she can obtain it if she wins a contest. There is a man in the picture as well, he’s a pastor. Maybe he can help her.

Wonderful and beautiful and charismatic actors don’t always amount to a good film. We have a plethora of cream-of-the-crop performers here. To me they are the best of the best for wholesome family genre movies. The leads are among my favorites and the two women at odds with one another, are very recognizable. Some of the other supporting cast are semi-regulars.

There is so much missing with this story, yet all the ingredients are present. ‘An Easter Bloom’ is what I would flag as “too familiar”. In other words, this is one of those stories that has every single repetitive aspect that every movie of its kind has shared over the past 10 years. The only problem with this, is that it’s been overdone. Last year (2023) there was an obvious trend of new ideas, fresh plots, and a variety of other small changes and nuances that have helped the genre move into the next phase. This movie is stuck right in the middle of 2020.

Either way, I don’t get a lot of satisfaction from this particular style of telling this story. Had they kept up with the times, maye it would be more relatable. Not sure what’s missing, but certainly the the lead female is miserable, and too good at it. The lead male’s attempt at enthusiasm and encouragement is insufficient to bridge the gap.