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Can’t be surpassed

What an absolutely wonderful show. Perfectly assembled, great numbers, so full of joy. Sometimes when you watch shows like this the entertainers that appear seem to be going through the motions, just looking for personal publicity. But in this case was absolutely clear how much they appreciated being there it was just so dripping with good cheer. Dick Van Dyke’s happiness at being there was just overwhelming. A day later I’m still enjoying it. He has brought so much ,entertainment (even Diagnosis Murder!) to our lives for 60 years. He has outlived all of greats he ever knew, but still manages to have a joyful outlook. Outstanding!

Love dick van dyke but cbs ruined

Dick van dyke is one of my favorite actors ever. But CBS ruined this otherwise great tribute to dick van dyke by having jojo sewa on here she is far from wholesome family friendly entertainment. Otherwise excellent show. Great to see dicks contemporaries talking about him. The musical tributes were excellent and great to hear dick sing, his voice is still really good. I hope he does some more acting my favorite show is diagnosis murder and chitty chitty bang bang. Dick has inspired so may people and so many people laugh. It’s to bad Julie Andrews wasn’t there live and they could’ve done a number together.

The consummate professional

Dick Van Dyke is beloved, the consummate professional, a very nice person. He needed all his acting skills to sit through this ‘tribute’ and keep smiling.

If you find a bunch of screeching, plastic personalities, massaging their egos, vying for dominance in the presence of a truly great performer, then you’ll enjoy this truly awful nonsense.

It is an example of overblown Hollywood.

CBS is not so much honouring Dick Van Dyke but giving itself an ego boost. The banshee like rendition of “Chim Chim Cher-ee” was a prime example of someone selling themselves rather than offering a tribute to a great man.

Was it really necessary to present an ‘all female’ version of “Step in Time” from someone who made up fake rumours about her own pregnancy? How is that a tribute to an honest man – a YouTube ‘personality’ no less – really.