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2 Thumbs Up!!

Thank you, Mark Kershaw!! What a powerful way to bring more awareness to what Combat Warriors face daily with PTSD. Combat veterans normally hide away their war time experiences. It’s not easy to share these experiences with civilians, even including our closest relatives, due to the lack of personal ability to relate without the experience. Sustaining daily fears from the insanity of battles have created permanent scars that will last us a lifetime. The torn-up emotions of warriors, the lifelong imprint left upon us not just by the cataclysm of war but by the relationship with our fellow warriors – the loyalty and love, the complex code of liberation and guilt at having survived our combat tours. Knowing this, we must create a safe community for our combat veterans! If you’re a Combat Veteran, I ask that you share this documentary with your community and provide your honest feedback in a review. I personally appreciate all of your support in advance!

“Our Stories Shall Never Go Untold” Semper Fi and MPOD.

It’s the most honest documentary I’ve ever viewed.

Tribal details the story of three combat veterans and their experiences during and after their military service. Their portrayal of danger, loss, and sacrifice hooked me immediately. The stories are well-told and the editing and cinematography is excellent, but it’s the second half of the film that delivers the gut punch.

These men talk about what is forbidden. Culturally forbidden. Forbidden by the media. Forbidden by their own tribe. Each day veterans struggle with mental health, and their suicide rate is far above the general public. This documentary and these men courageously shine a light on a problem that nobody wants to touch with a ten-foot-pole.

It’s the most honest documentary I’ve ever viewed.

Amazing Film Shedding Light on ALL Veteran Related Issues

This was by far one of the better documentaries about war and the struggles Veterans go through post separation. This film really hit home because it not only shows the perspectives of combat, but even dealing with going back to “normal” or “civilian” life which is the hardest issue Veterans go through, combat related or not.

If you are a veteran yourself or know someone who is, I would highly encourage you to reach out and check in on them. You never know how much impact just a call or text could have with someone dealing with trauma. The hardest part for us is asking for help and just because on the surface everything looks ok, the real battle is fought internally.