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An Innovative Indie

This is storytelling 101. Minimal effects, 1 location, 1 physical body on the screen, and a whole world unfolds out of it. Masterful storytelling, on par with the likes of Hitchcock.

The pacing is so interesting. With one person in a room, a lot of reading, a lot of silence, a lot of darkness, it still flies by and feels fast paced. It manipulates your perception of time – and space. It’s like time vertigo.

You give us just enough to keep us intrigued while keeping us guessing. I always felt like I had just enough of an idea of what was happening so that I didn’t lose interest or check out – but I never had a firm grasp of where it was going, so it kept me invested. And from the very first scene, I felt confident that the movie knew exactly where it was going and would be meticulous in how/when it would give me morsels to lead me to the next step.

It is a beautifully and interestingly crafted story about how we can find ourselves caught up in our own cycles and problems while life and the ones we love pass on and pass by right before our eyes. To express such a grand and universal sentiment within the minimalist framework of such an elegantly simple canvas is such an achievement to accomplish as a storyteller and a filmmaker. It is refreshingly innovative. More films like this, please.

Brilliant and Mind-Bending!

The movie really went to a lot of unexpected places and us crammed to the brim with innovative ideas. The last 1/3 of the movie is especially brilliant.

And (without spoiling anything) there’s a particular conversation between the protagonist and antagonist that’s especially clever that creates an “Oh no! He knows!!!” moment that creates a suspenseful race-against-the-clock feeling from there on out.

I would definitely watch it again just to see what all I missed in the first viewing as it’s very mind-bending.

Also, the lead actress did a great job… especially with her facial expressions and body language.

One Room, One Actor, One awesome movie

Firstly, I must be honest in saying that I felt the “F” word was very unnecessary in numerous lines of the script. It took away, more than it added. Some of the sound effects were a tad corny. But the actress was absolutely tremendous. I was very impressed how she was able to make the audience feel every aspect of her emotions. She was believable and drew me into that room with her. I think more could’ve been done with the ending. I sure hope to see this actress in more films in the future. I will definitely be watching Room 0 again. There are a few things I missed during the first viewing that I would like to go back and put together in my brain. The producer/Director did a great job with the small budget he had to work with. I’m also anxious to see his future projects. The sci-fi concept was intriguing, original, and new.